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The Upadhatu of Rasa is connected with which other Dhatu?

The first stage of labor is considered:

How many days does it take for the body to digest food and refine it enough to
manufacture ojas?

From an Ayurvedic perspective, it is considered important to cut the umbilical cord as soon as possible after the baby is born.

Which Dosha could cause dysmenorrhea along with menorrhagia?

The phase of life of adulthood is primarily dominated by Kapha Dosha

How many days does it take for eggs to reach maturity and travel from the depths of the ovary to the surface, to be released from the follicle during ovulation?

Classifying Dhatus and Srotas in the light of structure vs. function, Dhatus represent structure.

Exposure to light triggers ovulation

The primary role of progesterone in the female body is:

Estrogen is secreted by the ovarian follicle in the first half of the cycle, pre-

Primary actions of herbs to favor during pregnancy include:

In the 2nd month of embryonic development, the 5 elements express into the 3
doshas and the kalala assumes a ball-likee shape is it is male and an egg like shape is it is

Causes of estrogen dominance are:

Estrogen can be converted into cortisol and create a strain and reduction of sex
hormones, thereby impairing the proper function of Artava.

By the end of which month is the physical structure of the fetus distinctly formed?

Beverages to consume during labor to maintain hydration are:

During labor, it is important for a mother to remain in one position for the safety of
the child and ease of delivery

The Vata Dosha is associated with which aspect of the menstrual cycle?

Cortisol is quick-acting and triggers a fight or flight response to real or perceived
threats to well-being and survival

Primary reproductive herbs that benefit both Shukra and Artava include:

After 20 weeks, discontinue back lying poses, use side-lying positions instead

While Artava is cool, active and more alkaline in nature, Shukra is hot, passive
and more acidic.

Hormones the can serve as stress buffers include:

Luteinizing Hormone stimulates the growth of Ovarian follicle which holds the
growing egg.

Dysmenorrhea is worsened by:

Apana is one of the five subdoshas of Pitta Dosha.

It is not safe for a woman to consume any food at any point during her labor.

Examples of grounding asanas to favor during pregnancy include:

Pitta type menstrual symptoms are improved by heat application.

Ayurvedic fertility is based upon healthy Sukra and Artava and the nourishment
of the dhatus.

High levels of stress hormones increase the risk of:

Ovum carries a Y chromosome and sperm carry an X chromosome.

Infertility is considered after how long of regular sexual union without contraception
with no conception, implantation or ability to retain the fetus until childbirth?

Sperm can live in the uterus for around 7 days and the lifespan of an egg is 24-36

In the 6th month, ojas moves from the mother to the fetus.

Some of the best Ayurvedic herbs for dysmenorrhea are:

Essential Fatty acids contribute to brain development, regulation of inflammatory
process, and oxygen transport

Prolonged inversions are recommended during the menstrual cycle to increase

The baby will deplete mother’s stores if not enough of which major mineral in a mother’s diet during pregnancy?  This mineral also plays a role in preventing irritability, insomnia, and leg cramps.

A pregnant woman should ideally consumer half her body weight in grams of
protein throughout her pregnancy.

Kapha type of menstrual cycle is characterized by which is the following:

Shatavari is the best Ayurvedic male reproductive tonic and Ashwagandha is the
best female reproductive tonic.

Ojas building foods and herbs include:

Milk is one of the best anupans to target both Shukra and Artava.

Some key general guidelines to follow for Asana practice during pregnancy include:

In the case of a hospital birth, it is not time to go to the hospital until the beginning
of the transition phase.

During labor one of the most important keys is conscious breathing – deep full
belly breathing or ujjayi pranayama.

The marga of Artava is the:

Which type of gunas bring balance to a pitta type menstrual cycle?