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Making our program accessible to people around the world who share our passion for Ayurveda is why we exist. At present, more than 50% of our student body is made up of students who have been awarded full or partial scholarships through our pledge program. The majority of these students are from developing countries around the globe that have zero access to quality Ayurvedic education because of their remote location or limited financial ability.

Yoga Veda Institute is committed to changing the world by creating an “Elemental Shift In Consciousness” through Ayurvedic Education.  We believe in doing the most good in the world.  Ayurveda transforms lives.  We do the most good by making high quality, personal, recognized Ayurvedic education accessible to our global community regardless of financial ability.

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  2. We will review your application and you can expect an answer within 2 business days from the time of submission.
  3. If you have received your approval letter, you may set up your monthly pledge via PayPal (below).

25% Scholarship

Monthly Pledge of $149 USD

50% Scholarship

Monthly Pledge of $99.50 USD

75% Scholarship

Monthly Pledge of $65.00 USD

Scholarships are awarded on a need basis and first come first serve.  If your application is denied, you may re-apply for the next term.  New cohorts begin each term in February, May, August, and November.

Here’s how our “Open Enrollment Initiative” can help you turn your passion into your profession::


What is our Open Enrollment Initiative?

Yoga Veda’s Open Enrollment Initiative is our commitment to providing quality education to our students regardless of financial ability.  We have adopted the honor system for our Ayurvedic Practitioner Scholarship pledge program. Applicants should keep in mind that through the personal nature of this 2+ year diploma course, you will develop lifelong relationships with your teachers and with your fellow students.  It is our hope that anyone who is applying for a partial scholarship based on financial need does so with honesty and integrity, which is the foundation of an Ayurvedic Practitioner professional.

When you apply for an Ayurvedic Practitioner Scholarship based on financial need today, you’ll be accepted into the program through our “Open Enrollment Initiative.” You will gain access right away to our first-semester Ayurvedic Practitioner program which includes the following two foundation level courses in Ayurvedic Medicine;

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Foundations {100 Hour} & Ayurvedic Nutrition {100 Hour}

Your success in the first two “gateway” programs secures your admission in our full diploma program.  This means, you may effectively earn your full scholarship through our Ayurvedic Practitioner program when you complete the required coursework, submit the required assignments, interact in the community forum, attend your live lessons and you’ll fast track your success through our full AP diploma program on a scholarship.

If you are committed to your education and success as an Ayurvedic Practitioner Professional, so are we. 

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