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Which clinical barometers deals with vyadhi lakshana (disease cardinal signs and

Which is an example of purva rupa for a pitta disorder?

Nija diseases are born out of:

When a dosha enters rasa/rakta dhatu, which pathway (marga) of disease is indicated?

Khavaigunya (defective space) is a draw for the doshas and is related to which stage of samprapti?

The mobile guna of vata dosha is a characteristic of which stage of samprapti?

Which dosha gati denotes downward movement in sanskrit?

Which best characterizes prajnaparada?

Ayurveda describes disease best in which way?

Hetu or Nidana are best described as:

One of the sub sites of Pitta is the:

When dhatu agni is high what is likely to occur:

What is the best example of rasa dhatu vruddhi in the body?

Multiple sclerosis is an example of dusthi for which dhatu?:

When assessing prakruti, small visible joints would be most indicative of which

What dhatu/dosh combination would be most likely to present as cool, dry skin?

Which is the proper name of a deviation of dhatu agni resulting in reduced tissue

A reddish tongue is a potential sign of:

Which type of vikruti type would be most likely to have excessive thirst?

Which is something that we can ascertain from Darshan (visual inspection)?

Which type of Prakruti is originated at the moment of conception?

Vertical lines in Nail analysis is a good indication of:

Which is not one of the 10 key components of case taking?

Which one of the trividhya Pariksha (the 3 basic sources of knowledge) does pulse
analysis fall under?

Which is a sign that the Mamsa dhatu has been affected by the vata dosha?

One of the main sites of vata is/are the:

A symptom of vata kshaya is:

A cause of Pitta Vruddhi is most likely:

At which stage of samprapti do we more clearly start to see qualitative changes in the dhatus?

Which is not traditionally included in ashta vidha Pariksha (8 fold examinations)?

The tongue will likely present with what color coating in Sama (with ama) Pitta :

Which are vata vruddhi manifestations, mentally and emotionally?

How can you treat imbalanced vishama agni?

Nirama (without ama) Vata is best treated with which approach?

If a client has a pitta predominate prakruti with a vata/pitta predominate vikruti, and it is spring season, what would be the best food to recommend?

An example of vata dushti of shukradhatu is:

Which digestive symptoms are associated with manda agni?

The feeling of a kapha pulse is traditionally described as:

Which is not a component of manas (the mind) in Ayurveda?

Memory relates to what component and subdosha associated with the mind?

In speech analysis, we recognize pitta disorders by:

Which is not a traditional cause of ama?

Which is a unlikely cause of general kapha vruddhi?

Which pitta guna is exemplified in stomach ulcers?

Structural changes are most likely to occur at which stage of samprati?

Manas prakruti is assessed using which:

Upashaya is best defined as:

Raised bumps (papillae) and shaved patches on the tongue may indicate:

Which is most indicative of a rajasic manas vikruti?

Medha dhatu kshaya is best exemplified by: