Nationally Recognized Programs in Ayurvedic Medicine

Āyurvedic Health Counselor

660+ Hour Distance Education Program

The Ayurvedic Health Counselor (AHC), is the foundation of the educational programs offered at Yoga Veda Institute. Students acquire a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle, Sanskrit, Ayur-yoga therapy, subtle body anatomy and physiology, and client relationships. While participating in the AHC program, it is also considered a time to increase self-awareness, self-nurturance, community building, and rigorous study of Ayurvedic knowledge and practices. In each week of this program, an estimated 15-20 hours is dedicated to lecture, class, study, and practice including applied application outside of the classroom.


Āyurvedic Practitioner

1600+ Hour Distance Education Program

The Ayurvedic Practitioner program is the next step in the educational program offered at Yoga Veda Institute.  You will build upon the knowledge gained in the AHC program now with an emphasis on increasing depth and breadth of knowledge and application in a clinical setting. Graduates are competent in a scope of practice that includes being able to assess an individual’s unique constitution and elements of physiological imbalance according to dosha, agni, ama, gati, and srotas.

Graduates of the Ayurvedic Practitioner program are able to create recommendations using dietary, lifestyle and contemplative practices along with customized herbal protocols and Ayurvedic treatments to encourage healing and a lifestyle in balance with nature. They will also be able to work with other healthcare professionals to develop recommendations and implement treatments for clients with established pathologies. 


Now Accepting New Students

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