Clinical Placement

How does the clinical portion of the program work?
  • The YVI program is divided into three phases: Phase 1 – Observe clients in the Ayurvedic Health Counselor program, Phase 2 – Practice in the Ayurvedic Practitioner Program, Phase 3 – Work with Faculty under direct supervision.
  • During each of the three phases, students will complete clinical work and academic coursework that will be complimentary for that phase of the student experience.
  • During each phase of the program, the student will be required  to complete a Skills Assessment for the phase that they completed.
  • The YVI phases are designed to meet the expectations of NAMA, assure that competency is achieved, and to build self-efficacy as didactic and clinical goals are met.
  • NOTE: Please see specific clinical details in the YVI Course Catalog.
What is a preceptor and how does that relationship work?

The profession of Ayurveda relies heavily on practicing professionals to share the skills, values and clinical knowledge to the next generation of Ayurvedic health workers. Yoga Veda Institute approves volunteer preceptors for instructing distance education students through their clinical work. This instruction is varied and includes direct instruction, modeling, coaching, and facilitation.

Does YVI assist with the location of a clinical preceptor? Yes. With suggestions as follows:
  • Students should begin the process of identifying potential preceptor options prior to entering the YVI program. Involvement as a alternative medicine professional (practitioner, naturopath, herbalist, midwife, educator) and participation in local or state Ayurvedic associations, student, or natural medicine organizations are an excellent way to make these connections.
  • The advantage of making connections with local practitioners early is that preceptors often know when current students will be finishing their clinicals, when the potential preceptor might have an opening for a new student, and equally important, the preceptor will have the opportunity to learn more about you and your future goals.
  • YVI does not require or expect you to have a planned agreement with a preceptor before entering the program. (If you are already working with a preceptor, please see the next Q&A.)
  • An alternative to locating a preceptor within a reasonable range is being willing to relocate (temporarily or permanently) in order to successfully complete the clinical portion of the program.
  • AP’s or AD’s who are qualified to be preceptors can generally be located by conducting a Google search, connecting with other Ayurvedic professionals and students in the region, and locating NAMACB board certified practitioners through search sites designed for this purpose.
  • YVI will assist with locating a preceptor; however, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to find one.
I’ve been working with a preceptor for a while–can they still be my preceptor and will the work I’ve done so far count?
  • If your preceptor is already an approved YVI preceptor, then they are likely to continue to be qualified as an YVI preceptor.
  • If your preceptor is not already an approved YVI preceptor, we welcome them to apply to become an YVI preceptor. Most NAMACB board certified practitioners qualified to be a preceptor with YVI will be approved.
  • Observed clients completed before enrollment can be used to fulfill the requirements for observation clients in Phase 1. Students will be required to log and reflect on those experiences in their Phase 1 practicum class.
  • Assistant or primary work (Phase 2 and 3) done before enrollment and during Phase 1 cannot be used to fulfill requirements for Phases 2 and 3.
When should I expect to begin the clinical portion of my program?
  • Clinical work proceeds in phases along with your academic classes. During Phase 1 (AHC level classes), you will complete your observation client experiences. After completing your Phase 1 Integrative Assessment, you will be ready to start Phase 2 assist experiences with a preceptor.
  • It is common for students to focus primarily on their didactic work for the first 2-4 trimesters in the program.
I live outside the USA. Can I still study at YVI and get my AP certification?

Yes. We do accept international students on a case-by-case basis, but it’s important for you to know that: 1) it may be difficult or even impossible to find a placement where you live for clinical work, and 2) in order to get your NAMA credential, you will have to complete your clinical work at our facility in Florida, USA OR with a preceptor in your region OR at as a transfer student .  If you choose NOT to get your NAMA credential, but simply graduate with a diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine, you will not be required to clinical work or in person study but there will still be additional requirements to help you bridge from a North American Ayurvedic program to the way Ayurveda is practiced in the country you live in. We encourage all prospective international Ayurvedic students to search out local options first–distance education may seem like a convenient option, but it’s critical that practitioners be prepared to work within the system where they reside.

I live in the US but want to do some of my clinical practicum in another country. Is this possible?

It may be possible, you will need to complete the International Clinical Placement Process, which includes a written project proposal, significant preparation before leaving and periodic reports during and after the placement to be considered for international clinical placement. Some, but not all, of a student’s clinical work can be done out of the country, and there are limited clinical sites approved for visiting students.

Yes, but I don't have any preceptors or opportunities for clinical placement near me.

International work is definitely not a “quick fix” for students who have limited clinical opportunities where they are. For these students, we recommend relocating temporarily near a preceptor or completing short term placements at approved Ayurvedic centers in the US. Also, keep in mind that we approve new preceptors every month and there may be opportunities near you that you aren’t aware of yet.

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