Why is a diploma in Ayurveda important?

YVI offers a program that is recognized by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association in order to support students in obtaining the firmest foundation possible in a dynamically changing field. No one knows what will happen in Ayurveda within the next ten years, but we can be sure that many changes, both politically and professionally, can be expected. When changes come, a recognized program offers our students a step ahead of those without. If you ever expect to relocate from one state to another, a recognized program will give you additional help in meeting upcoming licensing requirements. A certificate from YVI can be a symbol of credibility as you develop relationships with clients and other health care professionals throughout your career. A recognized program ensures your education is robust and holistic. A certification with YVI, a NAMA-recognized institution, assures that there are no gaps in your Ayurvedic education. You will graduate with confidence in your ability to pass the NAMACB exam and strive to become a Ayurvedic Professional of Excellence.

Am I likely to be successful at YVI?

Students are most likely to be successful in the YVI professional program if they:

  • are self–directed learners,
  • engage actively in our caring and enthusiastic learning community,
  • are able to work independently in an online learning environment,
  • have access to local clinical opportunities, and/or
  • can relocate or travel for non-local clinical placement.
  • Identify as a “self-starter”.
  • Want a distraction-free environment that prioritizes action and results.
  • Are an independent learner who doesn’t need a lot of handholding to get things done.
  • Trust yourself to experiment and learn by doing.
  • Have reliable internet access
Who is not right for this program?

Yoga Veda Institute isn’t right for everyone. We care about our students’ success and want you to make the best decision for you.

If you:

  • Prefer one-on-one coaching,
  • Prefer small class sizes,
  • Need personal guidance before taking action,
  • Are looking for personal advice on Ayurveda,
  • Need individualized feedback after each class,
  • Are looking for a “quick certification” in Ayurveda,
  • Do not have access to local mentorship and/or are unwilling to travel to find a preceptor in your geographical region,
  • Do not have regular, reliable internet access (live classes are presented virtually and while class recordings are available for most lectures, it is not possible to download classes for offline viewing),
  • Are not “good” with self study or do not posess the ability to keep yourself on track in an online learning environment,
  • Let small decisions keep you stuck rather than dive in and do the work,

then Yoga Veda Institute may not be the right fit, and that’s okay.

The Student Experience

Yoga Veda Institute is the nation’s largest school of Ayurvedic Medicine, and is one of only 11 schools whose distance program is recognized in the USA by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) to provide training at the Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Ayurvedic Practitioner levels.

Our Mission is to Make Quality Ayurvedic Education Accessible.  

Through our fundraising efforts and generous donors to our Scholarship Program we are able to keep our program accessible (the most affordable in the nation) to those who have a calling to study the sacred science of Ayurveda.  

In an effort to keep our program affordable to our student body, students can expect a less personalized educational experience than may be provided at a brick and mortar school, or even a distance program of the same level.  Larger class sizes and more personal responsibility are the trade-offs students can expect for lower tuition prices.

We have opted to follow this model to make Ayurveda accessible.  We have a small administrative team, and larger class sizes, so that we can continue to provide a world class educational experience.  

This means that our students understand that, while we are able to attract the highest quality educators, the trade-off is less one-on-one and personalized attention, and more personal accountability for your educational journey. 

We provide the educators, the support and the guidance.  Ultimately, your success in this program is 100% up to you.  

We do not have a 24/7 team available to answer emails or inquiries.  Our team works normal business hours, Monday – Thursday 9am – 4pm Eastern Standard Time, excluding weekends, school breaks and USA public holidays.

Students in our program are here because they are looking for an affordable, quality program in Ayurveda that is recognized by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, and that may be completed fully or partially via a distance program.

Students who need ongoing or one-on-one personal guidance, or who are not self-motivated, are encouraged to seek a program that will be better suited for their needs. By offering a program better tailored to self-starters who do not need a very personalized experience, we are able to keep our program the most accessible in the market.

What personal support is provided for students?

We have the following support for all enrolled students: 

  • Student Support 1:1 Calls : Students may schedule one student support and guidance call with their dedicated student advisor once per trimester. 
  • Weekly Office Hours : Students may join our weekly office hours that take place throughout the week to connect with a student advisor. 
  • Email support and guidance

Students who need additional 1:1 support or mentorship may wish to work with an approved mentor for an additional fee.

Will attendance in person ever be required?

In person training is mandatory for all students seeking board certification under the National Ayurvedic Medicial Association umbrella.

Twice (2x) during the AHC program and six times (6x) during the AP program students have the option to attend an intensive clinical training program. This is not two or six times per year, but two or six times during the course of the program. 

In person training programs are held each spring & fall during the last week in April and the first week in November at the Kashi Ashram in Sebastian Florida.  All 2022 trainings have been put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  2023 training dates forthcoming.

In person requirement may be waived when working with a local, pre-approved faculty preceptor.  More information on our Preceptor program is outlined below under the “Clinical Placement” section of the FAQ page. Contact us for more information regarding our preceptor program.

What if I am unable to travel due to personal circumstances?

Students may complete the full program 100% online through our distance learning program if working with a local (pre-approved) faculty preceptor or by working in a clinical setting outside our network as a transfer student.  Please contact our admissions department to learn about working with a pre-approved regional faculty preceptor in your geographical region. 

Does this program meet the requirements for Ayurveda licensure in my state?

Yes.  At this time there are no licensing requirements for Ayurveda in any of the 50 states.  As states adopt licensing in the coming years attending a school that has been reviewed and recognized by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association will be essential to that process.  Students of YVI are on track to be leaders in the field and can expect an easy process and path to licensing when that becomes necessary.  At this time, graduates of YVI are eligible to sit for the National Ayurvedic Medical Association Certification Board (NAMACB) exam and are paving the way for licensure of the Ayurvedic Profession in the future.  

What percentage of graduates have passed the NAMACB exam?

Over the last 3 years, 100% of YVI graduates who sat for the NAMACB exam have passed. Eighty-one percent of our graduates are working as Ayurvedic Professionals and 31% are working in a health-related field.

I have earned a certificate in Ayurveda, but it wasn't a NAMA approved program. Can I skip the Health Counselor portion of the training?

It depends.  We review all transfer credit requests on a case by case basis.  If you are not yet a NAMA certified health counselor, you would apply and begin with the Ayurvedic Health Counselor program. This program prepares students to become Ayurvedic Practitioners. The Ayurvedic Practitioner Program is only for individuals who are already certified Ayurvedic Health Counselors through NAMA.  Transfer credits may apply.  Life experience credits may apply.  

How competitive is entry into AHC and AP programs at YVI?
  • YVI has an approximate acceptance rate of 35-55%.
  • We receive approximately 80-120 applications per cycle.
  • We generally have 300+ certificate seeking students at any given time.
What will I need for my YVI application?
  • . Proof of high school graduation: diploma or transcript, proof of completion of GED, or homeschool transcript (waived if you have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited postsecondary academic institution, evidenced by official transcripts sent directly from the school);
  • Government issued photo ID;
  • ALL transcripts for previously attended post-secondary education (college, trade schools, tech schools, universities, etc.). All transcripts MUST be submitted, even if you feel transfer credit will not apply. Official transcripts must be sent for transfer credit evaluations; however, unofficial transcripts will suffice if transfer credit evaluation is not needed/desired by the applicant.
  • Native English speaker, or a TOEFL score of at least 88 or a Duolingo English Test score of at least 110;
  • Engagement in the Admissions process and prompt response to communication requests from the Director of Admissions.
Is there anything that I could do to strengthen my YVI application?

Yes, you could add any of the following to your experience resume:

    • Complete & participate as an engaged student the YVI Ayurveda Foundations Program.
    • Yoga Training or Yoga Certification
    • Meditation or Breath-work Training
    • Massage Training or Certification
    • Childbirth Education Teacher Training or Certification
    • Counseling experience in the capacity of a support person, doula, student, nurse, apprentice or assistant
    • Letter of Recommendation that reflects the strengths of an applicant 
    • Strong writing skills including proper use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation
    • Demonstrate aptitude for success in a higher academic setting, including carefully following the instructions contained in the application
    • Evidence of basic computer skills, including the ability to navigate saving and uploading a pdf file, basic knowledge of Microsoft Office, ability to conduct internet searches, etc
    • Demonstrate aptitude for self-direction and self-motivation in an online academic setting including completing all required tasks for the application process in a timely manner, communicating questions effectively, and returning all requested documents promptly
    • Active participation in the Ayurveda community and organizations that serve students, clients, and professionals
    • Awareness of local, state, province and national policies and laws impacting Ayurveda
Will YVI conduct an interview with all applicants?

No. Not all applicants will be required to participate in an interview.  However, the Director of Admissions may request a 1:1 interview and if so, participation is mandatory.

  • If an applicant is a “no-show” for their scheduled interview.  No follow up interviews will be permitted.  
  • On rare occasions, a follow-up interview may be requested.
Will YVI conduct an interview with all transfer applicants?

Yes.  The acceptance process for transfer applicants involves the written application, and an interview with the Director of Admissions and verification of student potential via the three professional references.

Where should I have my previous school send my transcripts?

Your official transcripts from an accredited college must be sent directly from the institute and may be sent (in order of preference) to:

  • Electronically emailed to
  • or they may be mailed to: Yoga Veda Institute, 2805 School Drive, Palm Bay, Florida, 32905


Transcripts of college coursework completed outside of the US must be submitted for evaluation by one of the following organizations: World Education Services or International Education Evaluations. WES can be contacted by email at or through the web at IEE can be found at

Can you explain the steps in the Application Process?
  • Submit application.
  • Receive notification by email that your application was received (if you do not receive this within five business days, please return to the application to ensure that it was properly submitted or contact for assistance).
  • Notification of any additional information that may be required to process your application.
  • Review of application by the application committee.
  • Notification via email of acceptance, waitlist, or decline.

If accepted:  

  • Submit Enrollment Agreement by the deadline date.
  • Receive an email confirming the successful completion of the enrollment process.
  • Work with Registrar to complete initial advising and enroll in classes.

If declined:

  • Consider following the suggestions above to strengthen your application for future cycles.
  • PLEASE NOTE: YVI programs are competitive and the successful completion of these suggestions does not guarantee acceptance into the program.
  • Consider reapplying for a future trimester.
Within the admissions application, why does YVI request certain personal information from applicants?

YVI Admissions uses a holistic admissions process to get to know applicants and foster an environment for the applicant to get to know YVI. YVI is committed to non-discrimination and engaged in fostering access, equity, social justice, diversity, and representation within the YVI community and within the broader Ayurvedic profession.

Information provided in admissions applications by you about your race, ethnicity, legal sex designation, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, language, residency status, veteran status, disability, age, pregnancy, marital status, first generation college student status, or any other protected class will NOT be used to discriminate against you in the Admissions process.

Who will have access to the information provided on the admissions application?

Your individual responses will not be viewable by general college departments. Aggregate information (percentages and category totals) will be available to administrative departments at the institution and in required federal and accreditation reporting.

Individual responses will only be available to limited staff in offices that are responsible for conducing the admissions process and for data collection at YVI — primarily Admissions, the Admissions Committee, institutional researchers, the Registrar.

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What is the Refund Policy?

Once a matriculated student has enrolled in their first course and logged into the online student portal any Tuition, Quarterly and Monthly Installment payments are always non-refundable and non-transferable.  

At the time of enrollment into the program you agree to abide by our strict “no refund” policy.  Due to a finite number of students we are able to accommodate each trimester, at the time you are accepted into the program, or awarded a scholarship, you agree to pay your tuition in full.  When you withdraw from the program without completing your financial agreement, you not only deprive yourself of the Ayurvedic education you seek, you also deprived another student from receiving acceptance to the program.  At the time you enroll you agree to fully participate in the program, and if you determine at a later date that you would like to discontinue with the program, you acknowledge that there are no refunds to any tuition payments made, for any reason.

Determine if this program right for you prior to enrolling.  No refunds will be awarded after registration.  

1. Research local, state and National Ayurveda bodies in your local geographical region. It is the sole responsibility of the student to do the necessary research into local, state, and national regulations surrounding Ayurveda in their geographical region.  We offer free clarity calls for this purpose.  Refunds will not be provided for students who later determine they are unable to practice in their geographical location.  

2. Familiarize yourself with the required pre and co-requisites, case study & preceptor expectations, class calendar and course load. We offer prospective student info sessions for this purpose. It is the sole responsibility of the student to become familiar with the required pre and co-requisites, class calendar, and course load prior to enrolling in the program.  No refunds will be provided to students who determine at a later date that they are unable to complete the course work for any reason.  

3. Participate in our community classes, free foundation classes, and other open enrollment offerings to get familiar with our school to see if its a good fit for your learning style.  It is the sole responsibility of the student to be familiar with online learning, our school, teaching style, and program organization prior to enrolling into the program.  We offer an abundance of free and open offerings for this purpose.  No refunds will be provided to students who determine at a later date that our program or online learning is not a good fit for their learning style.

There are no exceptions to our no refund policy. 


How does the clinical portion of the program work?
  • The YVI program is divided into three phases: Phase 1 – Observe clients in the Ayurvedic Health Counselor program, Phase 2 – Practice in the Ayurvedic Practitioner Program, Phase 3 – Work with Faculty under direct supervision.
  • During each of the three phases, students will complete clinical work and academic coursework that will be complimentary for that phase of the student experience.
  • During each phase of the program, the student will be required  to complete a Skills Assessment for the phase that they completed.
  • The YVI phases are designed to meet the expectations of NAMA, assure that competency is achieved, and to build self-efficacy as didactic and clinical goals are met.
  • NOTE: Please see specific clinical details in the YVI Course Catalog.
What is a preceptor and how does that relationship work?

The profession of Ayurveda relies heavily on practicing professionals to share the skills, values and clinical knowledge to the next generation of Ayurvedic health workers. Yoga Veda Institute approves volunteer preceptors for instructing distance education students through their clinical work. This instruction is varied and includes direct instruction, modeling, coaching, and facilitation.

Does YVI assist with the location of a clinical preceptor? Yes. With suggestions as follows:
  • Students should begin the process of identifying potential preceptor options prior to entering the YVI program. Involvement as a alternative medicine professional (practitioner, naturopath, herbalist, midwife, educator) and participation in local or state Ayurvedic associations, student, or natural medicine organizations are an excellent way to make these connections.
  • The advantage of making connections with local practitioners early is that preceptors often know when current students will be finishing their clinicals, when the potential preceptor might have an opening for a new student, and equally important, the preceptor will have the opportunity to learn more about you and your future goals.
  • YVI does not require or expect you to have a planned agreement with a preceptor before entering the program. (If you are already working with a preceptor, please see the next Q&A.)
  • An alternative to locating a preceptor within a reasonable range is being willing to relocate (temporarily or permanently) in order to successfully complete the clinical portion of the program.
  • AP’s or AD’s who are qualified to be preceptors can generally be located by conducting a Google search, connecting with other Ayurvedic professionals and students in the region, and locating NAMACB board certified practitioners through search sites designed for this purpose.
  • YVI will assist with locating a preceptor; however, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to find one.
I’ve been working with a preceptor for a while–can they still be my preceptor and will the work I’ve done so far count?
  • If your preceptor is already an approved YVI preceptor, then they are likely to continue to be qualified as an YVI preceptor.
  • If your preceptor is not already an approved YVI preceptor, we welcome them to apply to become an YVI preceptor. Most NAMACB board certified practitioners qualified to be a preceptor with YVI will be approved.
  • Observed clients completed before enrollment can be used to fulfill the requirements for observation clients in Phase 1. Students will be required to log and reflect on those experiences in their Phase 1 practicum class.
  • Assistant or primary work (Phase 2 and 3) done before enrollment and during Phase 1 cannot be used to fulfill requirements for Phases 2 and 3.
When should I expect to begin the clinical portion of my program?
  • Clinical work proceeds in phases along with your academic classes. During Phase 1 (AHC level classes), you will complete your observation client experiences. After completing your Phase 1 Integrative Assessment, you will be ready to start Phase 2 assist experiences with a preceptor.
  • It is common for students to focus primarily on their didactic work for the first 2-4 trimesters in the program.
I live outside the USA. Can I still study at YVI and get my AP certification?

Yes. We do accept international students on a case-by-case basis, but it’s important for you to know that: 1) it may be difficult or even impossible to find a placement where you live for clinical work, and 2) in order to get your NAMA credential, you will have to complete your clinical work at our facility in Florida, USA OR with a preceptor in your region OR at as a transfer student .  If you choose NOT to get your NAMA credential, but simply graduate with a diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine, you will not be required to clinical work or in person study but there will still be additional requirements to help you bridge from a North American Ayurvedic program to the way Ayurveda is practiced in the country you live in. We encourage all prospective international Ayurvedic students to search out local options first–distance education may seem like a convenient option, but it’s critical that practitioners be prepared to work within the system where they reside.

I live in the US but want to do some of my clinical practicum in another country. Is this possible?

It may be possible, you will need to complete the International Clinical Placement Process, which includes a written project proposal, significant preparation before leaving and periodic reports during and after the placement to be considered for international clinical placement. Some, but not all, of a student’s clinical work can be done out of the country, and there are limited clinical sites approved for visiting students.

Yes, but I don't have any preceptors or opportunities for clinical placement near me.

International work is definitely not a “quick fix” for students who have limited clinical opportunities where they are. For these students, we recommend relocating temporarily near a preceptor or completing short term placements at approved Ayurvedic centers in the US. Also, keep in mind that we approve new preceptors every month and there may be opportunities near you that you aren’t aware of yet.  

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