YVI is proud to be a leader in Ayurvedic education, offering  unique programs that meet and exceed NAMA and IAYT requirements. Our educational pathway is designed to cultivate intellectual curiosity, spark passion, and expand future professional options as the Ayurvedic credentials expand.

  • A NAMA-recognized education with career options
  • Pathway to the NAMA Board Certified designation
  • Exceptional online education model
  • Registered in the State of Florida 
  • Technology resources used to build connection and communication
  • Manageable payment options and availability of financial aid
  • Personal coaching throughout program
  • Holistic, evidence-based curriculum which includes traditional Ayurvedic arts, business instruction and life skills
  • Optional on-site learning intensives
  • Over the last three years, 100% of YVI graduates who sat for the NAMACB exam have passed the exam
  • Eighty one percent of our graduates are working Ayurvedic Professionals and 31% are working in an Ayurveda -related field.
  • Life experience credit available
  • Support from a tight-knit student community
  • Continuing education for current AP’s