Clinical Assessment

– Week 9 –

Objectives for the current week’s lesson:

In this lesson, we review and refine our ability to assess doshic disorder from a clinical perspective.  To refine this, we concentrate on recognizing the signs and symptoms of the dosha vrudhi (increase), kshaya(decrease), and dushti (qualitative changes) in general. We will continue to explore the Ashta Vidha Pariksha and discuss the questions on our intake forms that pertain to accurate assessment of these causative factors of disease. Class Objectives: 1) Deepen our knowledge and skill in Doshic imbalance Assessments 2) Refine our knowledge of signs and symptoms of qualitative and quantitative change in the doshas especially pertaining to the first 4 stages of samprapti.

Preliminary Reading:

Textbook of Ayurveda Vol.2,

Ch. 10 pp. 205-235 Dosha Vijnanam


Lesson Recording:



Self-care Assignment Class 9:

Observe your malas (purisha, mutra and Sveda) for the next few weeks and determine if they are sama/ nirama , vruddhi/kshaya, and dusthi due to any doshic/ agni imbalance.  Be especially aware to correspond the dosha dusthi in your Vikruti to your findings. Ex. Drinking caffeine resulting in vata dushti of mobile and mutra vruddhi of increased urination)


Class 9 forum interaction:

Access the Sister Science Facebook group/Module 1/Module 2 forums and answer/comment on 1 new student question about basic Ayurveda.  Please copy/paste the question and your answer and submit to


Next week’s preliminary reading + worksheet

Textbook of Ayurveda Vol.2,

Ch. 11 pp. 237-276 Dhatu Vijnanam



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