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Yoga Veda Institute



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Course Hours Completed
Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Foundations 10.5
Ayurvedic Nutrition 12
Introduction to Philosophy / Yoga Philosophy 20
Art of Assessment / Clinical Assessment 20
Professional Practice & Medical Ethics / Conscious Business Design for Professional Practice 30
Subtle Body Anatomy / Ayurvedic Anatomy
Foundations of Ayurvedic Herbalism / Herbology I
Women’s Health
Birth & Beyond / Postnatal Ayurveda
Classical Sanskrit / Language of Yoga / Sanskrit for Ayurvedic Practitioners
Story of Disease I / Pathology I
Story of Disease II / Pathology II 20
Story of Disease III / Pathology III 20
Ayurvedic Herbalism for Healing / Herbology II 20
Panchakarma Theory 20
Nutritional Thearpy 20
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Design / Conscious Kids, Ayurvedic Therapies I & Ayurvedic Therapies II 24
Spiritual Health & Healing, Level 1 36
Spiritual Health & Healing, Level 2 36 No
Modern Applications of Classical Teachings Level, 1 / Yoga Mind 36 No
Modern Applications of Classical Teachings, Level 2 36 No
Gurukul Clinical Residency, AHC
240 No
Gurukul Clinical Residency, AP 696 No


Co/Prerequisite Completed
Anatomy & Physiology I & II