Spiritual Health & Healing

– Week 10 –

Lesson Recording:


Universal Space Within & Without

  1. Meditate on space. Imagine a space like a form of a rainbow around your body. Feel the space connected to the vastness of universal consciousness and your body. Since the unity of all lifeforms beyond your body. Experience the formless of transparency and dwell yourself into the state of oneness.
  2. Carry that space with you when you enter the world of drama and use that space as a cushion to delay any bodily and emotional reaction to life situations. Respond to them with the intuition of universal consciousness.
  3. Recognize that you are not the mind you think, you are not the body you experience, and you are not the emotion you express; you are the flow of universal consciousness.
  4. Recognize 99% of our human body is made up of space and our body is transparent, even in nature. Feel the connection and experience the same space we share between our bodies and the universe.

Senses of Non-Duality

  1. Experience food in front of us fully without judging and without any other tasks in hand or in mind.
  2. Experience walking for the simple sake of walking: rhythm of steps, muscle exertion, relaxation, heat from body, heartbeat, and breathing.
  3. Experience thinking for the sake of thinking without judging and evaluating the thoughts that arise. It can be a bit tricky because of the complexity of the mind.
  4. Experience washing dishes for the sensations of water, soap, and texture of dishes.
  5. Experience the sensations that arise during yoga, meditation, and contemplation, without judging with our ego-based mind.