Sister Science Lesson 10
Sharing Ayurveda

Putting it all together

Lesson Objectives

Today we discover what Ayurveda really means to You and how you can continue to SHARE the magic of Ayurveda within your communities!

“What is Ayurveda?” The easy answer is that it is the traditional science of Ayurvedic medicine is designed to bring the body back into balance so it can heal itself, which in itself is amazing, but underneath all of that, Ayurvedic medicine is so much more. Ayurveda is a Vedic science which, like yoga, has only one purpose: to expose the illusion and neediness of the mind and become free.

So, what does that mean? What is Ayurveda? How about feeling free to love your partner, mom, dad or sibling fully, without holding back even just a little? How about feeling free to wear whatever and act however you like without concern for what people might think? How about not being addicted to sweets, chips, coffee, chocolate, money or shopping?

Ayurveda is the science that seeks to free you of all that, and let the real, delicate, vulnerable and powerful “truth of you” out so you can be fully content with just being you!

Such freedom is what the essence of Ayurveda can offer. So, let’s explore this amazing science and rediscover “what is Ayurveda” truly!

  1. Listen to the Audio Lesson
  2. Complete the Downloadable Ayurvedic Protocol Worksheet
  3. Complete the Journal Activity
  4. Complete the Challenge
  5. Share your insights in our Yoga Veda Community

Lesson Objectives

Journal Activity

According to Ayurvedic Theory, which of the universal qualities (Gunas) is currently most predominant in your mental state?

Reflecting on the results of your Mental State Questionnaire, what do you believe to be the main contributing factors to your current mental state?

Which practices and/or habits do you believe that you need to develop or remove in order to be able to nurture a more peaceful (Sattvic) state of mind?

Challenge Assignment

Using the Ayurvedic Protocol Form  provided, create a basic Ayurvedic protocol for yourself or for someone else using the principles and concepts that you’ve learned over the last two weeks. 

Submit the completed form to Share your insights, questions and comments inside the Yoga Veda Community for peer-to-peer support.


Have a namasté day today. Look into the eyes of everyone you meet and silently honor his or her soul. Say silently, ‘I honor the light within you, which is the same as the light within me. And I know, we are one.

Michelle S. Fondin

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