A Success Program for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs


You’ve been looking for a more sustainable wholesome way to design your conscious business. RISE is a program dedicated to helping heart centered entrepreneurs gain financial freedom & independence by providing the tools, resources and education necessary for you to RISE.

You’ve got big plans… but you’re lacking confidence.  Despite all your hard work, you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels trying to be everywhere and do all the things to grow your business.  RISE will help you make ends meet and do what you know you were born to do, THRIVE.  








Build a conscious business and a life that loves you back while helping others RISE.

RISE is a 5 Part Success Program

Part 1 —


A 8 Week Sprint to help you design a Conscious Business.  Join a community of heart centered entrepreneurs all working together to help you design your conscious business.   This course will help you develop your vision, create your signature offering, design a mindful marketing strategy and fill your programs every single time.

Part 2 —


Share Ayurveda, Build Community, and Earn a Living Wage RISE members are automatically enrolled as Affiliate Partners. This means you’ll receive a generous affiliate payment every time someone enrolls in a diploma, training or coaching program you sell through your affiliate link.  Many of our RISE entrepeauners are paying for their tuition through this generous affiliate partner program, you can too!

Part 3 —


A mastermind group that comes together to support each other on the journey through entrepreneurship.  There is nothing more powerful, more motivating, more transformative than a group of like minded heart centered entrepreneurs walking this path together.  Your mastermind group meets monthly to have an all eyes on your buisness type of experience. 

Part 4 —


A Weekly Opportunity to get your questions answered.  These open Q&A Calls will address all the bumps and road blocks that arise during your journey to designing your Conscious Business.

Part 5 —


Working with a mentor is the single most valueable investment that an entrepreneaur can make in your business.  There is nothing like the support, guidance, and direction that a mentor can provide.  Accelerate your career and your business with a personal mentor to be your rock and your guide on this journey.  Monthly 1:1 mentor calls are the highlight of this program.

Build a conscious business and a life that loves you back while helping others RISE.

RISE Frequently Asked Questions

When does enrollment begin for RISE?

Right now, RISE enrollment kicks off on July 14, but enrollment closes on Tuesday, July 23. Click here to enroll.

How Do I Know iF Rise Is Right for Me?

If you’ve been working teacher  for some time, are struggling to make ends meet and have an online or local community already, this program is a great fit.  You’ll gain the tools, skills, opportunity and education necessary to succeed in this program.

Who is a good fit for RISE?

RISE is NOT a good fit for you if:: 

::You’re looking to “get rich quick” or have unrealistic expectations of overnight success.  That’s not what we’re doing here.  

:: You’re not willing to try new things.  It’s time to unlearn all the things people tell you that you should be doing, and start tapping into what is truly right & 100% in alignment with YOU. 

:: This investment will put you in financial hardship or take food off the table.  We want to be honest here, investing in yourself + your business can be scary.  I’ve taken some HUGE financial leaps to get where I am today that were totally outside of my comfort zone – only you know what is right for you.  

This program is 100% for you IF::

:: You’re a heart-centered entrepreneur {yoga teacher, coach, wellness pro, service, etc} who is ready to dramatically increase your impact in the world. 

:: Most of your clients come through word-of-mouth but you want to have a more systematized + sustainable way of attracting new clients.

:: You’re an independent soul who loves the idea of being in control of your business + marketing, instead of constantly putting out fires and coming up with last minute promotions to keep cash flowing.

:: You want to tailor your business + marketing strategy to authentically reflect YOU, your passion, your purpose, and your personality.

Who are the people who get the most out of RISE?

RISE is for heart-centered service entrepreneurs!  We have yoga teachers, holistic practitioners, Ayurvedic teachers, dance instructors, magic mamas, mindful parenting coaches, coaches, spiritual intuitives, and many more.  If you’re an entrepreneur at heart who is ready to consciously design a business around YOUR life & highest vision for yourself, your community, and the world, RISE is a perfect fit!

Will I be able to launch my own programs + services after taking RISE?

That’s the plan!  It’s been INCREDIBLE to see how quickly our RISE masterminds have launched their own programs & services.  Everything from high-end mentorship programs or specialty certifications to completely online group coaching programs to 100% on demand (passive) programs or training.

Do You Offer Ongoing Support Services?

Each RISE member is provided with a directory listing on our website, a private Facebook Group membership, an accountability partner, and ongoing support via email.

What about the “techy” stuff like creating a website, blogging, marketing, etc?

Yes!  Starting a new business means sometimes tackling all the “techy” stuff on your own.  In our weekly Q&A calls, we’ll troubleshoot + guide you through all the fun (and sometimes not so fun) parts of being a solopreneur.

What is the rise Investment?

$6497 USD

Connect with our enrollment advisor to set up a payment plan that works for you.

Suggested payment plan through affiliate refferal program– $300 USD Per Month x 24 Months — Contact Us For a payment plan that works for you. 

Do I get personal support?

Yes!  We’ve intentionally limited each enrollment to no more than 15 students so that our team can get to know YOUR goals + business.  The first thing you’ll do is fill out a questionnaire so that we can learn all about you and your biz.  Then, we’ll keep the group size nice and small so that we can tailor everything you learn to fit you and your biz.