5 Elements Retreat


The village has this amazing artsy cultural sacred feel to it, the energy there is really really great! Local farmers markets, nature, very walkable, historic, beautiful and friendly. It’s such an amazing beautiful safe place to explore, to learn and grow, and to bring balance, health and wellness into your mind, body and soul. Beautiful people, beautiful place, beautiful energy!

Jaime (Michigan)

What to Expect

The Giant Olmec Head

A metaphorical and figurative journey through the mind, the giant Olmec Head acts as a gateway into a dark covered mineral pool that flows beneath the pyramid. Traveling into this experience allows a deep inner transformation to occur.
Walking through healing waters is a natural way to rebuild your body and repair injuries. This experience is like a deep voyage into the depths of inner self.

The Crystal Pyramid

At the top of an impressive pyramid awaits a mineral bath that rests beneath a crystal clear peak.
This immaculate water therapy acts as a gateway to connecting with your higher self and the powers of the Universe.

The Thermal Baths

Journey through the sanctuary and you will find several mineral open door baths that are naturally heated to 37- 40° C.
These calm baths offer a peaceful and regenerative experience, inviting you to relax into quiet serenity.

The Infinity Pool

Water therapy allows for an infinite reflection of the self. With a visual effect of water extending to the horizon, the vanishing edge of this pool will allow you to merge with the wide open sky and lake.
The effect of these experience will leave you feeling on top of the world and beyond.

Therapies & Services

The diverse Wellness Center is rooted in the charming elegance of nature and offers a variety of treatments & rituals to regenerate your body and revitalize your spirit.
The therapeutic benefits of massages, facials and body treatments invite you to find harmony and well being. The diverse Wellness Center is rooted in the charming elegance of nature and offers a variety of treatments & rituals to regenerate your body and revitalize your spirit. The therapeutic benefits of massages, facials and body treatments invite you to find harmony and well being.

Therapies in Water

Aquatic Deep Relaxation Therapy (60min) – $1,400 MXN

Combination of different water treatments adapted to the time and the person receiving, generating a flow trip into ourselves.

Tibetan Bowls in Water  (50min) – $1,300 MXN

A subtle vibrational and sound bath with the harmonic frequencies of Tibetan bowls while our body floats peacefully in the thermal water.

Aquatic Deep Relaxation therapy with Tibetan Bowls   (90min) – $1,850 MXN

Individual session 1 Relaxing Swedish massage with Tibetan bowls  (60min) – $1,800 MXN

Session couple 2 Relaxing Swedish massage with Tibetan bowls (60min) – $2,500 MX


2-5 per. (3hrs) – $2,500 MXN

Pre-Hispanic steam bath ceremony to purify the body, mind and spirit with eucalyptus, rosemary & copal incense (additional person $ 500 MXN).


1hrs – $500 MXN p/p

Under appointment one week before.


Monte Coxala (90min) – $1,400 MXN
Our special blend of massage techniques to provide the highest state of wellbeing & relaxation.

Deep Tissue (60min) – $1,200 MXN
Uses deep pressure to release tension and stress.

Sport Massage (90min) – $1,600 MXN
Focused on relaxing & oxygenating tense joints & muscles with movements & stretches that restore the body.

Honey & Wrap (60min) – $1,100 MXN
Relaxing massage using honey to nourish and hydrate the skin, wrapped for maximum effect.

Hot Obsidian Stones (60min) – $1,200 MXN
Using hot obsidian with the goal of a physical and mental balance and deep relaxation with soft andprolonged movements.

Aromatherapy (60min) – $950 MXN
Through inhalation and application of essential oils this massage restores and renews physically andemotionally.

Swedish Relaxation (60min) – $850 MXN
Reduces physical tension & provides relief of tired muscles.

Holistic (60min) – $850 MXN
Deep and slow massage with the benefit of balancing the body, mind and spirit.

Neck & Back (30min) – $400 MXN
Massage focused on the areas of major muscle tension.

Reflexology (30min) – $400 MXN or (60min) – $800 MXN
Acupressure Technique applied to the feet to activate the body’s healing powers. Releases stress,stimulates circulation and revitalizes energy.

Prenatal (60min) – $900 MXN
Physical therapy focused on the special needs of the body of the mother-to-be, it provides relief from mental and physical fatigue & tension.

Raindrop Therapy (60min) – $1,000 MXN
In this therapy, drops of concentrated oils from several plants are applied directly on the spine. Raindrop Therapy reduces pain and inflammation and improves circulation. Soft and relaxing, its effect continues throughout the week.


Monte Coxala (60min) – $1100 MXN
Rejuvenating treatment that reduces expression lines, detoxifies and reaffirms the skin.

Citlalli (60min) – $900 MXN
Hydrates, revitalizes, oxygenates and relaxes the skin (without extractions).

Xochitl (60min) – $900 MXN
Deep cleansing facial (with extractions).

Body Scrubs & Wraps

Coffee Scrub (30min) – $450 MXN
Allows cell renewal, detoxifies and encourages draining.

Citrus Scrub (30min) – $450 MXN
Allows cell renewal, energizes and is anti-depressant.

Champagne Scrub (30min) – $450 MXN
High in antioxidants, it allows cell renewal, moisturizes, firms, and reduces stress.

Chocolate Scrub (30min) – $450 MXN
Allows cell renewal, is nourishing, moisturizing, relaxing, and anti-depressant.

Chocotherapy (60min) – $950 MXN
Nourishing, moisturizing, anti-depressant and relaxing.

Perla Negra Mud (60min) – $1400 MXN
Volcanic Thermal Clay, relieves pain, heal wounds, allows cell renewal, Nourishing.

Champagne Mud (60min) – $900 MXN
High in antioxidants, it allows cell renewal, is moisturizing, firming, and stress relieving.

Teocalli Aztec Mud (60min) – $900 MXN
In Aztec, Teocalli means “The House of God”. Blue Agave, chia, prickly pear and cactus, sooth and remineralize.

Green Tea & Ginger Mud (60min) – $900 MXN
High in antioxidants, it nourishes and purifies.

Angel Foam Mud (60min) – $900 MXN
Aphrodisiac, nourishing and regenerating.

Tropical Mud (60min) – $900 MXN
Uses extracts of lime, coconut and orange with regenerating, energizing and antidepressant action.

Waxing and Beauty Care

Full Leg – $300 MXN
Half Leg – $200 MXN
Eyebrow – $150 MXN
Underarm – $100 MXN
Upper Lip – $100 MXN
Manicure – $250 MXN
Pedicure – $300 MXN
Nail polish – $100 MXN


In addition to therapies, treatments and massages, the retreat center offers activities like paragliding, golf, tennis, horseback riding, extreme sports, water sports and local tours. Please ask us if you are interested in any of these activities.

World Class Dining

The restaurant has been inspire by ancient architecture and offers a spectacular setting for fine dining. The contemporary Mexican cuisine is accompanied by live music on the weekends and has a magnificent panoramic view of Lake Chapala.
Sunday-Thursday from 9am to 9pm
Friday & Saturday from 9am to 11pm

Good Morning!

Mimosa    $65
Bloody Mary   $65
Fruit Juice (orange, carrot or green)   $35
Black Coffee   $30
Capuccino   $50
Latte   $40
Espresso   $40
Tea or milk   $25
Hot chocolate   $30
Chocolate milk    $25

Fruit plate   $55
Plain Yougurt w/season berries and granola   $45
Cereal with Milk   $45
Pancakes   $65

Chilaquiles (red, green or mixed)    $75
Chilaquiles with Chicken or Eggs   $85
Eggs Any Style (ham, bacon or chorizo)    $75
Quesadillas (3)    $50
Breakfast Burritos (3)    $85
Molletes   $55
Veggie Omelette   $75
Cheese Omelette   $75
Special Omelette (Goat Cheese & Serrano Ham)    $115
Beef tenders Mexican Style   $95
Chicken Enmoladas   $75
Chicken Enchiladas   $75


Shrimp Aguachile   $130
(Shrimp, cucumber, green sauce & lime)

Tuna Sashimi   $150
(sashimi grade tuna w/soya sauce)

Fish Sashimi   $150
(white fish w/soya sauce)

Beef Sashimi   $150
(beef scallops sashimi style w/soya sauce)

Beef Carpaccio   $155
(beef scallops marinated in lime, olive oil & balsamic vinegar)

Smoked Salmon   $150
(Salmon garnished w/boild egg, cappers, parsley & onion)

Frito Mixto   $130
(Squid, shrimp & vegetables w/chipotle sauce)

Mussels Marinara   $150
(Sauted mussels w/ragu & tomatoe sauce)

Mussels w/white wine   $150
(Sauted Mussels w/white wine sauce)

Seared Tuna Tostaditas   $90
(Seared Tuna w/chipotle sauce, avocado & leek)

Bruschetta Sampler   $105
(Tomatoe, tapenade  & caramelized onion w/roquefort cheese)

Cold Meat & Fine Cheeses   $190
(Assorted cold meat & cheese platter)


Black Bean Soup $110
(Black bean soup with cheese served on rustic bread)

Clam chowder $120
(New england clam chowder served on rustic bread)

Tortilla soup $100

Huitlacoche soup $110

Gazpacho Andaluz $110
(Traditional Spanish cold soup)

Soup of the day $100


Caesar Salad $115
(Romaine Lettuce, Caesar dressing & croutons)

House Salad $115

Waldorf Salad $125
(Apple, caramelized walnut, endives & waldorf truffle dressing)

Pear Salad $115
(Organic greens, pear, Roquefort cheese w/balsamic vinaigrette)

Home Made Pasta

Fettuccine al Limone  $125
(Home made pasta w/lemony creamy sauce)

Fettuccine al Limone w/Shrimp  $190
(Home made pasta w/lemony creamy sauce w/shrimp)

Spaguetti Pomodoro  $125
Home made pasta w/tomatoe sauce)

Spaguetti with Meatballs  $160
Home made pasta w/ tomatoe sauce, basil & meatballs)

Cheese & Spinach Ravioli  $145
(Home made ravioli w/ tomatoe sauce, basil, cheese & spinach)

From the Grill

Skirt steak $250
Flank Steak $250
Rib Eye $265
New York $60
Shrimp $290
Shrimp skewers $290
Beef skewers $290
Surf & turf skewers $290

(All from the grill is served w/güero peppers & grilled onions)
Sides: beans or rosemary baby potatoes


Seared Tuna with Poppy Seed Crust $290
(Served with wasabi mustard & honey sauce)

Salmon with “Beurre Blanc” Sauce $260
(Imported salmon with white sauce)

Tricolor Shrimp $290

(Shrimp wrapped in bacon stuffed w/ cheese & three color peppers)

Coconut shrimp with mango sauce $290

(Shrimp w/coconut crust garnished w/mashed potatoes)

Chac-Lan Shrimp $290

(Shrimp w/special HOT sauce!)

Beef fillet with Sherry Wine Reduction $290

(Served w/ rosemary baby potatoes)

Beef fillet with Mustard Sauce $290

(Served w/ rosemary baby potatoes)

Beef Fillet with Black Pepper Sauce $290

(Served w/ rosemary baby potatoes )

Grilled Pork Chop with Brandy & Plum Sauce $255

(Served w/ vegetables)

Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb $485

(Imported Rack of Lamb with fresh herbs and mint jelly)

Chicken Breast with Orange, Ginger & Honey sauce $220
(Chicken breast with oriental style sauce)

Chicken Thigh and Leg with Mole $220
(Served with rice)


Creme brulee $95
(Vanilla flavored cream)

Corn Cake $80
(Corn cake with caramel sauce)

Panna Cotta $80
(Italian creamy gelatin)

Warm Chocolate Cake $95
(Served with vanilla ice cream)

Apple Strudel $85
(Served with vanilla ice cream)

Surrender to the power of nature

This luxury Hotel has 21 stunning suites that will instantly inspire a feeling of dreamy decadence. Imagine warm artful decor, cozy white linens, jacuzzi and fresh flowers.
These suites are also equipped with Tv, iPod hookups, mini bars, a safe for valuables and options of a jacuzzi and a lake view balcony or terrace.



Yoga Veda Institute

Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico, 45920

AIRPORT: Guadalajara (GDL)

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