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What will I learn from the Re/Framing Addiction program? 

  • how to reframe your understanding of addiction and how to overcome personal and societal stigmas about addiction
  • the biology, physiology, and psychology of addiction
  • how to understand addiction from a holistic perspective, mind, body & spirit
  • the link between trauma and addiction
  • how to use the science of Ayurveda to treat addiction individually
  • how to effectively use yoga, including pranayama, asana, and meditation to manage addictive behaviors and detoxify
  • practices to help curve cravings
  • dietary and nutritional support for recovery
  • how to create a supportive tribe
  • the importance of cultivating joy and humor
  • how to use the innate wisdom of nature and our natural environment to heal
  • and LOTS MORE!
How You'll Learn
  1. Weekly Live Lessons
  2. Exclusive Online {Members Only} Site
  3. PDF Resources, Lecture Notes & Bonus Resources
  4. Workbooks {PDF Download}
  5. Home Activities {reflective exercises and practices to incorporate into your routine}
  6. Weekly Discussions inside our Private Facebook Group
  7. A Supportive Community of other students from around the world to provide support – network – connect – and share your experience.
  8. Ongoing Support – Guidance – Career Support – Opportunities and Much More!
Course Instructor

This course is taught by Mercedes Grant.  Mercedes educates and compassionately guides others through their healing journeys.

Read Mercedes Grant’s full bio here.



  • Students will receive a Certificate of Completion from Yoga Veda Institute.



$597 USD  :: ENROLL

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Ayurvedic Mind Balance

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