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The next Open House is Tuesday, May 11th at 11:00am EST

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Is Ayurveda calling you? Learn how this ancient medicine can revolutionize your health and career at our next Open House!

We bring quality Ayurvedic Medicine & Yoga Therapy education to our global community regardless of financial ability.

Maybe conventional medicine let you, or someone you love,  down. Maybe you’re filled with fear and anxiety in a world full of contradicting health information. Maybe you just love nature and want to bring more balance, love and harmony into your life.

Come to Yoga Veda Institute’s Open House to ::

  • Discover the Ayurvedic Practitioner overview and how practicing this ancient art can impact your health, as well as your loved ones and community
  • Open your mind to the scope of career possibilities in Ayurveda
  • Connect to a community of like-minded people who will encourage and support your dreams

At our Open House you will ::

  • Get exposure to and educated  on the curriculum we offer
  • Discover what sets this Ayurvedic school apart from others
  • A sense of what Yoga Veda Institute’s values, our mission, and vision.
  • Get a  feel for Yoga Veda  Institute and if we are the right fit for you.

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