Sadhana – modern applications of classical teachings



This program is a beautiful combination of Theory and Practice with emphasis in practice component of your personal Sadhana.

The program provides the aspirants with practical tools that are to be implemented after each class with the final goal being that the aspirant reaches an organic and intimate understanding of the practices, through experience, through Sadhana.

The participants of this program will gain an in depth understanding of the practices discussed through personal experience.

“An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory” – Swami Sivananda

How You'll Learn

This “Sadhana – Modern Applications of Classical Teachings” has been created and will be taught live online in an intimate small group mentorship experience led by Yoga Veda Founder, Andy Betancourt.  

Students who would like to work in a closer mentor – mentee style experience with Andy will greatly benefit from this comprehensive program focused on transforming your understanding of the spiritual practices – through experience.

The program is made up of 4 levels each lasting for one trimester.  At the end of this 4 trimester program, studnets will have experienced 36 unique teaching topics – and have in intimate understanding of the practice described in each.

Each class offers practical theroy and practice homework which will be discussed in the following class.  

Sadhana students will experience the following topics and engage in extensive personal practice in this Level 1 training (in no particular order). 


  • 4 Noble Truths
  • 8 Fold Path
  • Pleasure vs Joy
  • Suffering and Desires
  • Mindful Living and Dispassion
  • Introspection
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Study
  • Observation
  • Mauna
  • The 4 drives
  • The 4 paths and Moderation
  • Selfless Action and Purpose (Karma, Dharma and Rta)
  • Codes of conduct, principals and ethics (Yamas and Niyamas)
  • Proper exercise and proper rest activity (Asana)
  • Proper Breathing and proper eating (Pranayama)
  • Cleanse: diet, senses, mauna,shatkarma, kriya yoga, the balance of the dohas
Time Commitment

The “Sadhana – Modern Applications of Classical Teachings” class is offered twice monthly on Tuesday from 9am – 12pm EST.  Exact dates for the upcoming trimester are available for viewing on our class calendar


There is no prerequisite to join this program.  

Tuition & Fees

The full 16 month Sadhana program is $2340 usd if paid in full at the time of registration.

Payment Plan Option

$239 Monthly (x12)

*There are no scholarships to this small group mentorship.

Still Have Questions?

Give us a call at +1 (321) 355-5862 to speak with an admissions representative.  


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An ounce of Sadhana is worth a ton of theory.