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Yoga with Kaya & The SYR Studio

Kaya is a go-to teacher for those seeking mature practice, meaningful philosophy and authentic pedagogy. She is a lineage holder and steward of the yoga tradition who’s dharma is to lovingly pass on what she has learned. She may be the teacher YOUR teacher studies with. Teaching the mystical and practical full spectrum of yoga for over 20 years, Kaya’s background includes 3,000 hours of formal study with masters of the Veda Tradition.

Kaya’s Signature Program offered through her virtual studio is called Supreme Release Yoga (SRY).  It is a yoga practice that gently reaches into, decompresses and nurtures the spine – the axis of physical health and the conduit of the spiritual journey.. The result of SRY is body healing, life transformation and inner awakening. for We love her work – and we’re sure you will too!  Connect with Kaya right here.

Divine Light Yoga

Laura McEgan and her school Divine Light Yoga have been a long time recommendation for students looking to take additional training specializing in Children’s Yoga.  Laura has dedicated her life to sharing her passion and knowledge of children’s education and yoga with others.  She is fully committed to supporting children and young people world-wide to become resilient, creative, open-minded and accepting individuals who feel confident and compassionate in all that they do.

Click here to sign up for Divine Light Yoga’s free workshops on yoga, meditation & mindfullness for children & teens.  We love her work – and we’re sure you will too!

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