Become a YVI Licensed Facilitator

Welcome to the Yoga Veda Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine Licensed Facilitator Program

The YVI Facilitator Program: Your Path to Impactful Ayurvedic Education

Are you an Ayurvedic Health Counselor or Practitioner poised to leave a lasting mark in the field of Ayurvedic education? The Yoga Veda Institute (YVI) Facilitator Program is crafted for individuals like you, aiming to nurture and grow your own Ayurvedic community professionally. This is your chance to step up as a leader, guiding aspiring professionals in the holistic world of Ayurvedic medicine.

We recognize the challenges Ayurvedic entrepreneurs encounter in setting up and managing extensive training programs. The complexities of such ventures can be daunting, often affecting your balance and peace of mind. This is precisely where the YVI Facilitator Program makes a difference.

Streamlined and Sustainable: The Core of Our Program

Our program is thoughtfully constructed to simplify the process of launching and operating your Ayurvedic training venture. With a focus on sustainability and ease, we’ve developed a framework that alleviates the burdens of intricate program management. This approach enables you to concentrate on your core strengths – educating and motivating, while we handle the intricacies, ensuring a smooth and successful journey as an Ayurvedic educator.

Transform Your Impact with an AAC Recognized Curriculum

Comprehensive Workshop Curriculum

As a Licensed Facilitator with the Yoga Veda Institute (YVI), you’re granted access to an extensive array of resources, meticulously designed to enhance and simplify your role as an Ayurvedic educator. At the heart of these resources are our comprehensive curriculum modules.


Facilitator Training Program

In addition to these modules, you’ll be enrolled in our specialized training program for facilitators. This program is tailored to equip you with the tools to effectively manage and grow your Ayurvedic training program. You’ll also be part of a supportive community of fellow facilitators, sharing insights, experiences, and best practices. This comprehensive support system ensures that as a YVI Licensed Facilitator, you’re not just teaching a curriculum – you’re leading a movement.

AAC Standard Compliant Curriculum

As a Yoga Veda Institute (YVI) Licensed Facilitator, you are granted access to a wealth of resources and tools that are perfectly aligned with the Ayurvedic Accreditation Commission’s (AAC) standards for Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Ayurvedic Practitioner curriculums. The curriculum requirements you receive are of the highest quality and also fully recognized and respected within the Ayurvedic community. Each module is designed to seamlessly integrate into our existing Ayurvedic Health Counselor or Ayurvedic Practitioner (online) training programs, ensuring that your offerings are both comprehensive and compliant with AAC standards.


Become the “Go To” Ayurvedic School in your Community

Not All Ayurvedic Trainings are Created Equal 

This distinction positions you as a local leader in providing top-tier Ayurvedic education. As a YVI Licensed Facilitator, you have the unique opportunity to become the go-to source for high-quality Ayurvedic Health Counselor or Ayurvedic Practitioner Training programs in your community.

You are fully equipped to teach the technical and hands-on component of a qualified Ayurvedic diploma program.

Your role extends beyond teaching; you are shaping the next generation of Ayurvedic professionals, ensuring they receive an education that is not only deeply rooted in traditional practices but also recognized and valued in the modern wellness landscape.


Make an Impact in the Field of Ayurvedic Medicine

Coupled with the specialized training program for facilitators and ongoing community support, this alignment with AAC curriculums empowers you to offer exceptional educational experiences. You are not just imparting knowledge; you are fostering a community of well-trained practitioners who are equipped to uphold and propagate the authentic principles of Ayurveda. This is your chance to make a significant impact in the field of Ayurvedic medicine, guided by the standards of excellence set by the AAC and the Yoga Veda Institute.

Bridging Ancient Wisdom with Modern Entrepreneurship

As a Yoga Veda Institute (YVI) Licensed Facilitator, the potential for financial growth is substantial and varied. With access to our AAC-aligned curriculum, you have the opportunity to teach a sought-after Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Ayurvedic Practitioner training program in partnership with YVI, each a potential revenue stream. Your workshops can be tailored to different audience sizes and formats, from intimate, high-value retreats to larger, more comprehensive courses, allowing for diverse pricing strategies. Additionally, your status as a local Ayurvedic education hub opens doors for partnerships, community events, and speaking engagements, each contributing to your income. With the YVI’s support and resources, you’re not just teaching; you’re building a thriving Ayurvedic practice and business, where every class, workshop, and seminar you offer not only enriches the lives of your students but also enhances your financial well-being. This is your opportunity to turn your passion for Ayurveda into a prosperous and fulfilling career.

What's Included in the YVI Licensed Facilitator Program?

What is included in the Yoga Veda Licensed Facilitator Program?


The core curriculum includes a deep dive into  the facilitator framework plus additional training on how to facilitate this work directly with students.


Each month,  2 private live calls (one call to dive deeper into the material and the second call to apply strategies to grow your business).


Additionally, you’ll have access to a private community to connect with other licensed facilitator trainees.

Ancient Wisdom & Modern Business 

Become a Yoga Veda Institute (YVI) Facilitator: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Joining the Yoga Veda Institute as a facilitator is an opportunity to blend the ancient art of Ayurveda with modern education. It’s a path for those who are passionate about teaching Ayurveda and eager to make a real-world impact.

As a YVI facilitator, you will be a guardian of Ayurveda’s timeless wisdom, bringing these rich traditions to today’s fast-paced lifestyle. You’ll help make these ancient practices relevant and accessible, connecting them with contemporary wellness needs.

This role goes beyond teaching; it’s about creating a business and brand in the wellness industry. As a facilitator, you combine the roles of educator, entrepreneur, and wellness advocate, crafting a career that harmonizes your love for Ayurveda with your business ambitions.

Who is this program for?

The Yoga Veda Institute (YVI) Facilitator Program is specifically designed for a diverse range of individuals who share a common passion for Ayurveda and a drive to thrive in the modern wellness industry. If you’re an Ayurvedic Health Counselor or a seasoned Practitioner with a deep understanding of Ayurvedic principles, this program is your opportunity to elevate your practice to the realm of teaching. For those who view Ayurveda as more than just a practice, but as a way of life, our program offers the perfect avenue to spread this passion through education.

In essence, the YVI Facilitator Program is for Ayurvedic professionals who see the immense value in Ayurveda and wish to become a conduit for spreading this ancient wisdom in a modern context. It’s for those who are not just looking for a course but a transformational journey that aligns with their passion for wellness and their ambition to make a meaningful difference in the world.

How can YVI Licensed Facilitators use the framework?

As licensed facilitators of the Yoga Veda Institute (YVI) Program, you play a crucial role in delivering a portion of the Ayurvedic Health Counselor or Ayurvedic Practitioner programs. In partnership with YVI, you provide the in-person curriculum component, while students complete the extensive remaining curriculum online. This collaborative approach allows you to leverage the YVI program in various ways to enhance your business and expand your professional reach:

Offer Accredited Ayurvedic Courses: As a facilitator, you have the opportunity to conduct courses that are recognized by the Ayurvedic Accreditation Commission (AAC) in Ayurvedic Health Counseling and Ayurvedic Practitioner training. This enables you to offer certified education, attracting students who are seeking formal qualifications in Ayurveda.

Host Workshops and Seminars: With access to comprehensive workshop modules, you can organize specialized workshops or seminars on different aspects of Ayurveda, ranging from introductory sessions for beginners to more advanced practice classes for seasoned practitioners.

Develop Signature Programs: There’s also the flexibility to create your own signature programs by integrating elements from the YVI curriculum with your unique expertise and approach. This could include tailored tracks for specific audiences like wellness professionals or those seeking personal health improvements.

Community Events and Retreats: Facilitating community events or retreats centered around Ayurveda is an excellent way to build a community of like-minded individuals, offering networking opportunities and promoting holistic wellness.

Partnerships with Health Centers and Spas: Finally, you can partner with local health centers, spas, or wellness clinics, providing Ayurvedic consultation services, treatment protocols, and educational workshops, thereby broadening the scope of your professional services.

In essence, as a YVI licensed facilitator, you’re not just teaching Ayurveda; you’re part of a larger network, playing a vital role in disseminating Ayurvedic education through a blend of in-person and online learning experiences. This position allows you to make a significant impact in the holistic health sector, using the comprehensive training and resources provided by the Yoga Veda Institute.

Post Training Expectations

After becoming a Yoga Veda Institute (YVI) Facilitator, you’re not just equipped with knowledge and resources – you’re ready to make a tangible impact in the world of Ayurveda. Here’s what you can expect post-training:

Immediate Implementation:

We encourage you to start implementing the framework you’ve learned immediately. The sooner you begin applying the concepts and strategies from the training, the quicker you’ll grow your training program.

Launching Your Programs:

With the skills and resources gained from the YVI training, you’ll be poised to launch your own Ayurvedic programs. We anticipate that our facilitators will be ready to host their programs as early as Spring 2024. This gives you ample time to plan, market, and execute your courses effectively.

Continual Support and Growth:

Your journey doesn’t end with the training. As a YVI certified facilitator, you’ll continue to receive support from our community. This includes ongoing educational resources, marketing tools, and networking opportunities to ensure your continuous growth and success.

Building Your Network:

Utilize the YVI network to connect with fellow facilitators, share insights, and collaborate on events or programs. This community is a valuable asset for inspiration, problem-solving, and expanding your reach.

When Can You Get Started

You can begin the journey of becoming a YVI facilitator by applying for our upcoming training program. Once you have completed the training, you will be fully prepared and encouraged to start hosting your programs by Spring 2024. This timeline allows you to seamlessly transition from learning to teaching, ensuring you are well-prepared and confident in your new role as an Ayurvedic facilitator.

We are excited to see you grow and succeed in your endeavors to spread the wisdom of Ayurveda and look forward to supporting you every step of the way. Welcome to a journey of fulfillment, impact, and continuous growth with Yoga Veda Institute.

Meet Your Guide:

Jacky Rae

Your path to becoming a Yoga Veda Institute (YVI) facilitator is guided by Jacky Rae, a seasoned entrepreneur and the visionary behind the renowned Yoga Veda Institute. Jacky’s journey transcends the mere building of successful enterprises; it’s about fostering impactful, accessible education in the field of Ayurvedic medicine, and empowering others to spread this ancient wisdom.

A Trailblazer from the Start: Jacky Rae’s entrepreneurial spirit was sparked at the age of 17, marking the onset of a lifelong commitment to innovation and leadership. Her early foray into business laid the groundwork for her future endeavors, particularly in the realm of holistic wellness.

Founder of Yoga Veda Institute: Jacky is perhaps most celebrated for founding Yoga Veda Institute. Under her guidance, the institute has become a cornerstone in Ayurvedic education, known for its comprehensive and accessible approach. Her vision has transformed YVI into a hub of learning and wellness, dedicated to the spread of Ayurvedic knowledge.

Decades of Entrepreneurial Wisdom: With her extensive experience in entrepreneurship, Jacky brings a profound understanding of what it means to build and sustain a successful business. Her journey, which spans a variety of industries, has equipped her with a unique and invaluable perspective on both business and wellness.

A Mentor with Rich Knowledge: In the YVI Facilitator Program, Jacky Rae harnesses her wealth of knowledge, experience, and insights to mentor aspiring facilitators. Her hands-on approach provides practical, tried-and-tested strategies, ensuring facilitators are well-equipped to succeed in their ventures.

Success Measured by Yours: Jacky’s commitment to mentorship goes beyond sharing knowledge; it’s about seeing her facilitators thrive. Your success as a facilitator and entrepreneur is a reflection of her dedication, and she is committed to helping each participant achieve their goals.

A Mentor Who Relates to Your Journey: Having been an entrepreneur herself for most of her life, Jacky intimately understands the challenges and rewards of building a business. She brings empathy, deep insight, and invaluable experience to her role as a mentor, making her an essential guide in your journey as a facilitator.

Join the YVI Facilitator Program and Learn from Jacky Rae’s Expertise: As a facilitator in this program, you gain the unique opportunity to learn from someone who has not only attained significant success in her own ventures but who also deeply comprehends the essence of Ayurveda and its application in the modern world of business and wellness.


Imagine yourself in just 6 months, thriving as a leader in the Ayurvedic community. As a certified facilitator of the Yoga Veda Institute, a world of possibilities awaits you. Here’s what your future could look like:

Running Your Own Ayurvedic Community College: In half a year, picture yourself leading your own Ayurvedic Community College. This space would be a beacon of learning, where you impart Ayurvedic wisdom to eager students. Your college would serve as a local center for Ayurvedic education, offering courses for all levels, tailored to your community’s needs.

Hosting Engaging Ayurvedic Workshops: Visualize conducting workshops that educate and inspire. You could cover various Ayurvedic topics, from basic principles to specialized sessions on diet, lifestyle, and wellness practices. These workshops would establish your expertise and create a space for learning and growth in Ayurveda.

Supporting Your Family through Your Passion: The satisfaction of running your own Ayurvedic education venture would parallel the ability to support your family. Sharing Ayurveda’s ancient knowledge allows you to build a career that enriches not just your life but also your family’s.

Creating a Ripple Effect of Wellness: Your role as a facilitator will have an impact beyond teaching. You’ll create a wave of health and wellness in your community. Each student you guide will further spread Ayurveda’s benefits, positively affecting many lives.

Program Schedule 

Live Calls on Thursdays 3PM – 4PM EST

In the Yoga Veda Institute Facilitator Program, we’ve tailored a schedule that focuses on individual attention and ongoing support to ensure your success. Here’s how our program is structured to guide you through your journey:

Personalized Live Calls:

Frequency: Live calls are scheduled twice a month.

Flexibility: These sessions are arranged individually to ensure they fit into your schedule conveniently. We prioritize mutual convenience to make the most of each session.

Initial One-on-One Classes:

Focused Attention: You will receive six one-on-one classes, providing you with personalized guidance and instruction.

Purpose: These sessions are designed to give you a solid foundation in both Ayurvedic curriculum and effective teaching methodologies.

Ongoing Support Calls:

Continued Guidance: After the initial one-on-one classes, you will have ongoing support calls twice a month.

Focus Areas: These calls are an opportunity to discuss and refine your approach to the curriculum and delve into best business practices. They are designed to support your continuous growth as a facilitator.

This structured yet flexible schedule ensures that you receive the support and guidance you need while allowing you to progress at a pace that suits your individual circumstances. As you step into the role of a YVI facilitator, these sessions will be instrumental in honing your skills and enhancing your ability to create a successful and impactful Ayurvedic teaching practice.



Annual Investment

The Yoga Veda Licensed Facilitator Annual Investment is $5,000 billed in one payment of $5,000 or 12 monthly payments of $500 ($6,000 with payment plan).  

This covers your training resources, intellectual property, coaching support and YVI Facilitator License.



Licensed Facilitator Applications Now Open