Licensed Facilitator Listing Form

Important Information for Licensed Facilitators

Understanding the Purpose of This Form

Welcome Licensed Facilitator! Before you dive into filling out the form below, we want to ensure you understand its purpose and how to navigate it effectively. This form is designed to gather comprehensive details about your in-person training program, which will be showcased on our website. Your input is crucial in painting a clear picture for our students about what they can expect from your program.

Purpose of the Licensed Facilitator Program

The Licensed Facilitator program at the Yoga Veda Institute is an integral part of our Ayurvedic Health Counselor course. This program expands the reach and accessibility of authentic Ayurvedic education across the globe. By empowering skilled practitioners to teach and share their knowledge through local workshops and training sessions, we aim to create a vibrant, global community of Ayurvedic educators and learners. This program is designed to uphold the highest standards of Ayurvedic practice, ensuring that students everywhere can access quality, hands-on learning experiences that complement our comprehensive online courses. As a Licensed Facilitator, you play a crucial role in our mission to make Ayurvedic wisdom accessible to all, fostering personal growth, healing, and well-being through the ancient principles and practices of Ayurveda.

Save and Continue Function

Preceptors, please note the availability of a “Save and Continue” function in the form. This feature allows you to partially complete the form and return to it later. Here’s how it works:
Saving Your Progress: Click “Save and Continue” when you need to pause filling out the form.

Receiving the Link: Upon clicking, you’ll see a message with a unique link. This link enables you to return and complete the form from any device.

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Cautionary Measure: Despite this convenient feature, we strongly advise keeping a backup of your content in a word or Google document. This precaution ensures that your valuable input isn’t lost due to any unforeseen browser issues.

What is the name of your training program?
In this section, please detail the structure and delivery format of your training program. Describe how the program is organized and conducted, focusing on its duration, scheduling, and where the teachings are delivered. This overview helps prospective students understand the commitment required and what to expect in terms of their learning journey with you.
Indicate the start and end dates of your training.
Please provide an example of what a typical day might look like for a student attending your program.
Provide a brief biography of yourself, including your experience, qualifications, and any unique aspects you bring to a Licensed Facilitator.
Please upload a high-resolution headshot of yourself to be featured on our website. Ensure that you have full ownership rights to the photograph you are submitting. This is crucial to avoid any potential copyright infringement issues. Images must be your own, or you must have explicit permission from the copyright holder to use them for this purpose. In the event of a copyright fine or penalty related to the image you provided, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to cover any associated costs. Maximum File Size: 300MB. If your photo exceeds this limit, you can easily reduce the file size without significantly impacting image quality by using online tools such as Simply visit the site, upload your photo, and download the compressed version.
Max. file size: 300 MB.
How is the pricing structured and what is the total cost of your program?
(e.g., accommodation, meals, materials)
(e.g., transportation, meals)
If food is included, describe the types of meals that will be provided.
If accommodation is included, describe the nature and quality of the accommodation.
What is the name and address of the venue where the training will be conducted? Describe the geographical location of the training. Provide details about the area and the specific setting (e.g., yoga studio, retreat center).
Indicate the minimum and maximum number of participants required for the preceptorship to proceed.