Clinical Assessment

– Week 6 –

Objectives for the current week’s lesson:

This lesson we go deeper into detail with Prakruti and Vikruti Assessment, discussing the fields on the forms and integrating it with Akruti Pariksha (physical form analysis) and the skills of Darshanam and Prashanam.

Class Objectives:
1) Explore Darshanam (Visual analysis) as an assessment skill about clients Signs and Symptoms
2) Discuss Akruti (form analysis) in the light of the Asta Vidha Pariksha
3) Deepen our knowledge and skill in performing Prakruti/ Vikruti Assessments


Refresher of the preliminary readings + Worksheet:

Textbook of Ayurveda Vol.2


Ch. 4 pp. 59-70 Darshanam (visual analysis)

Ch. 5 pp. 126-128 Akruti (form analysis)

Ch. 7 pp. 151-173 Prakruti / Vikruti Assessment


WorksheetPrakruti & Vikruti Assessment Form 

Zoom video:


Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to track their homework.  Because of this, we suggest that you keep a file with your homework submissions in a folder on your computer.  You can either submit your homework using the form below or you can follow the homework submission guidelines and email the assignment to


    Forum interaction:

    Access the Sister Science / Module 1 / Module 2 forums and answer 1 new student question about basic Ayurveda.


    Self-care Assignment:

    Continue with the tongue scraping observation and observe changes in the skin and nails in yourself and people around you. Now is an excellent time to begin or deepen your focus on abhyanga with season changes taking place.


    Join the discussion:

    Preliminary Reading for Lesson 6

    Textbook of Ayurveda Vol.2,

    Ch. 5 pp. 95-102 Nadi Pariksha (pulse analysis)

    Ch.5 pp. 121-125 Netra Pariksha (eye analysis)

    Ch. 7 pp. 173-185 Manas Prakruti/Vikruti Assessment


    Manas Prakruti Assessment Form

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