– Week 6 –

Welcome to our sixth class of Ayurvedic management and treatment (chikitsa)!  We will continue the introduction to the subject of dravya guna rasa shastra (Ayurvedic Herbalism) with a focus on the basic principles of application and the study of commonly utilized herbs and formulas. Our scope of practice emphasizes the use and ability to educate our clients about proper kitchen spices and some standard Ayurvedic formulas. Our areas of focus will on setting up an herbal pharmacy, creating simple formulas and classical ones and dosage and amounts.

Objectives for the current week’s lesson:

Describe how to prepare cūrṇa (powdered mixtures)

Discuss concept of and review common anupans (vehicles for administration) for the srotas

Discuss how the counselor can recommend pre-designed herbal formulas or create custom herbal formulations that include the use of herbs, minerals or other natural substances for internal or external use with consideration of mātra (dose), anupāna (vehicle) and auśadha kāla (timing).

Discuss how the counselor can administer, combine, provide, compound, and dispense herbal medicines, minerals or other natural substances for internal or external use.

Discuss the indications for using herbs and contraindications to assure safe use Herbs based on
– Storage
– Processing
– Purity
– Government regulations


    Preliminary Reading:

    Textbook of Ayurveda, Vol.3 by Vasant Lad
    Continue previous reading

    Ayurvedic Medicine by Sebastian Pole
    Ch.3 pp. 77-82



      Lesson Recording:


      Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to track their homework.  Because of this, we suggest that you keep a file with your homework submissions in a folder on your computer.  You can either submit your homework using the form below or you can follow the homework submission guidelines and email the assignment to


      Self-care Assignment:
      For the next 5 days journal about your experience as you test 5 herbs of your choice. Follow the procedure of 1st thing in the morning after tongue scrape and brushing take a small amount (1/4 tsp) of the chosen herb for that day and focus on the taste and heating or cooling quality. Do this while meditation for 5-10 minutes. Write about the rasas and Virya you experience. Compare with a monograph of this. Did you experience the same tastes or energetic? (do this for 5 different herbs/ 1 for each day)


      Forum post:
      Access the forum and answer 1 new student question about basic Ayurveda and perhaps in reference to common herbs and diet (please copy/paste the question and your answer and submit to our homework email


      Next week’s preliminary reading + worksheet

      Textbook of Ayurveda Vol.1, Ch.3

      Ch. 6, pg. 131-156


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