Faculty & Team Grievance Process

At the Yoga Veda Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine, we are committed to fostering a nurturing, respectful, and holistic work environment that aligns with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Our community is built on the principles of compassion, integrity, and mutual respect, where each individual’s contribution is valued and vital to our collective mission. Recognizing the importance of harmony in both personal and professional growth, we have established this Grievance Policy to ensure that all faculty and employees have a supportive and structured process for addressing their concerns. This policy is designed not only to resolve conflicts but also to strengthen the bonds within our community, enhancing our ability to serve our students and each other in the true spirit of Ayurveda.


Submit Informal Complaintsubmit a formal grievance

This Grievance Policy is designed to ensure a peaceful, respectful, and constructive process for addressing concerns or issues that faculty and employees at the Yoga Veda Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine may encounter in their professional environment. Reflecting our Ayurvedic values, this policy encourages mindful communication and mutual respect, aiming to resolve conflicts in a manner that promotes harmony and understanding within our community.


This policy applies to all faculty and employees of the Yoga Veda Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine. It covers grievances related to working conditions, interpersonal conflicts, and other employment-related issues that require attention beyond informal discussions.


  • Compassion and Understanding: Grievances will be approached with empathy and an open mind, ensuring that all parties are heard and valued.
  • Confidentiality: Discussions and details pertaining to the grievance will be handled with discretion to protect the privacy of all involved.
  • Timeliness: Efforts will be made to address and resolve grievances promptly to maintain the well-being of our community.
  • Integrity: All parties are expected to engage in this process with honesty and a commitment to achieving a fair resolution.


Step 1: Informal Resolution

Faculty and employees are encouraged to resolve concerns informally by discussing them directly with the involved party. If this is not feasible or does not resolve the issue, the next step is to speak with the Dean of Education.

Step 2: Formal Grievance Submission

If informal attempts do not resolve the issue, the concerned faculty or employee may submit a formal grievance in writing to the Dean of Education. The grievance should detail the issue, the efforts made to resolve it informally, and the desired resolution. The grievance should be submitted within 30 days following the event that gave rise to the grievance.

Step 3: Review Process

The Dean of Education will acknowledge receipt of the grievance within five business days and review the matter. This may involve discussions with all parties involved and, if necessary, consultation with other faculty or senior members of the Institute. The Dean may also appoint a committee to help investigate and suggest resolutions if the situation warrants broader consultation.

Step 4: Decision and Resolution

A decision will be provided to the complainant within 30 days of the grievance submission. This decision aims to be balanced, reflecting the principles of Ayurvedic practice and the values of our Institute. Should the grievant feel unsatisfied with the decision, they may appeal to a committee appointed by the Director. The appeal must be filed within 15 days after receiving the decision.

Step 5: Final Resolution

The decision made by the appointed committee on the appeal will be final. All parties are expected to respect and adhere to the outcome.


All formal grievances and the outcomes will be documented and stored confidentially by the Dean of Education. Access to these documents will be limited to those directly involved in the grievance process.

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed every two years or as needed to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with the evolving needs of our community.


This policy is effective immediately and is integral to fostering a nurturing and respectful workplace aligned with the holistic values of Ayurveda. All faculty and employees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these procedures to support a cooperative and mindful working environment at the Yoga Veda Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine.