Faculty Evaluation Process & Policy

At the Yoga Veda Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine (YVIAM), we recognize our faculty as the cornerstone of our educational community, deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of Ayurvedic practitioners. Our Faculty Evaluation Process is designed to honor this commitment, fostering an environment of continual growth, professional excellence, and holistic well-being. This narrative outlines our approach, objectives, and the underlying principles of our evaluation process.


Faculty Evaluation Objectives

To establish a nurturing, comprehensive, and transparent evaluation process for faculty at the Yoga Veda Institute for Ayurvedic Medicine that aligns with Ayurvedic principles, supports personal and professional growth, and upholds the highest standards of educational excellence.


This policy encompasses all faculty roles within YVIAM, including full-time, part-time, adjunct, and guest faculty, licensed facilitators, and preceptors ensuring that everyone contributes to and benefits from a holistic educational environment.

Evaluation Criteria:

Faculty performance will be holistically assessed on several key areas integral to the Ayurvedic educational ethos:

  • Teaching Effectiveness and Pedagogy: Mastery in conveying Ayurvedic knowledge, engaging diverse learning styles, and fostering a supportive, interactive learning environment.
  • Continual Learning and Ayurvedic Practice: Commitment to personal growth, both in Ayurvedic expertise and pedagogical skills, embodying the principles of Ayurveda in personal and professional life.
  • Supporting Student Growth: Facilitating not just academic success but also personal development, emphasizing the holistic well-being of students.
  • Community Contribution: Active participation in the I AM community, including collaboration with colleagues, contribution to institutional initiatives, and engagement in community wellness programs.
  • Professionalism and Ethics: Upholding the ethical standards of Ayurvedic practice, demonstrating integrity, respect, and empathy in all interactions.

Evaluation Method

A balanced approach combining multiple perspectives ensures a comprehensive understanding of faculty performance:

  • Student Feedback: Gathered through reflective surveys focusing on both the educational impact and the nurturing of a supportive, holistic learning environment.
  • Peer and Mentor Observations: Encouraging constructive feedback and shared growth opportunities among faculty, incorporating both classroom visits and discussions about pedagogical approaches.
  • Self-Reflection: An annual reflective practice where faculty members evaluate their growth, challenges, and achievements, guided by Ayurvedic self-study (Svadhyaya).
  • Administrative Assessment: A holistic review by YVIAM leadership, considering the faculty’s overall contribution to the institute’s mission and the embodiment of Ayurvedic values.

Evaluation Process:

  • Intention Setting: At the academic year’s start, faculty members set intentions and goals, integrating personal development with educational excellence.
  • Mid-Year Reflection: A supportive meeting with a mentor or department head to discuss progress, celebrate achievements, and identify areas for growth.
  • Year-End Review: A comprehensive reflection incorporating all evaluation methods, leading to a personalized growth plan and celebration of contributions.
  • Continued Development Plan: Recommendations for further professional and personal growth, including workshops, seminars, and retreats focusing on deepening Ayurvedic knowledge and teaching skills.

Feedback and Growth Conversations:

  • Faculty members will engage in a dialogue about their evaluation, emphasizing growth, learning, and mutual respect.
  • Should disagreements arise, a respectful appeal process is available, facilitated by a committee dedicated to upholding the principles of fairness and harmony.

Confidentiality and Respect:

All aspects of the evaluation process will be conducted with the utmost respect for privacy and dignity, honoring the trust placed in the YVIAM community.

Ongoing Review:

This policy will be revisited annually, allowing it to evolve with the community’s needs and educational advancements.

This faculty evaluation process at the Yoga Veda Institute for Ayurvedic Medicine is designed to nurture not just academic excellence but also personal well-being and community harmony, reflecting the holistic spirit of Ayurveda in education.