Distance Education at YVI

A unique distance education program that allows students to complete the academic portion of their certificate at their own pace and schedule online without having to travel regularly to a campus location.

Designed for Success

Yoga Veda Institute’s Distance Program is designed for the Ayurvedic student that needs the freedom from location and time flexibility that distance education offers. As valuable as this freedom is to the needs of many students, many students find that they need certain elements of structure in order to be successful in their program.

Students are most likely to be successful in the YVI distance program if they:

  1. Are self-directed learners
  2. Are able to work independently
  3. Have access to local clinical opportunities
Freedom of Location

Students are able to complete their academic studies wherever they live in the world. Students must have access to the internet (high-speed options highly recommended), and have word processing and printing capabilities.

Clinical Training


Students complete their clinical training with an approved local preceptor and through our online internship program. Students may wish to identify appropriate clinical training options prior to entering the YVI program. For those students who find travel to be an impossibility – various other options are available including transferring clinical studies from another recognized institution, working with a pre-approved faculty preceptor, or graduating as a non-certificate seeking student.

Time Flexibility

Students are able to complete academic and clinical work on their own time schedules. Students begin courses at the same time throughout the year; however, a student may find that they need extra time to complete a course. Students are encouraged to finish their courses within a trimester but may extend a course if necessary. Instructors, preceptors, and school mentors are available to support each student’s success in reaching their goals and moving through the program.

Major Maps

Major Maps are course completion schedules that students develop with the YVI Student Advisor. Major Maps allow students to see what course work must be completed within each trimester to meet the student’s graduation goal date. Major Maps give structure to the flexibility of YVI course work.

Financial Options & Incentives

YVI students do not need to worry about gathering a large sum of tuition all at once in order to finance their education. YVI offers students reasonable  extended payment plans to make this program accessible.

The tuition covers all credits enrolled in at the beginning of each trimester.

Students can take as few or as many credits as they wish each trimester.

The Ayurvedic Practitioner program is designed to be completed in 2 years (6 trimesters). Students may take up to 6 years (18 trimesters) to complete the program with no additional fees.

Students who opt to pay in full at the time of enrollment will benefit from an additional Pay In Full savings.  There are no additional fees.  Additional payments will only be billed should the student take longer than the allotted timeframe to graduate, at which time will be billed at the published trimester tuition rate for each additional enrolled trimester.


Students can take as few or as many credits as they wish each trimester of enrollment.

Because the tuition covers all of the credits students who wish to take more credits will progress through the program faster.

Trimester Enrollments

The YVI  academic year is divided into three trimesters.
Winter — January through March
Spring — April through June
Fall — October through December

Students may begin at any time throughout the year.  Live classes commence at the beginning of each trimester. This encourages students to complete course work by the end of the trimester so that they can enroll in additional courses for the next trimester. The trimester system also allows students to begin new courses with other students at the same time, making student study groups more effective.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is a unique service that YVI offers students enrolled in the distance program. Students have access to a student advisor throughout their program. Student advisors can help students identify and overcome progress challenges, suggest Major Map changes, and provide accountability and support through the student’s program.

Peer Groups

For some distance education students, isolation is a concern. YVI strives to mitigate isolation through healthy learning communities and peer-led support groups. An affinity group of peers creates relationships and a culture of accountability to each other. YVI is providing Ayurvedic education wherever there is an internet connection!

Our students are building electronic communities across platforms and geographies!


Curated Educational Experiences

Our dedicated team of Ayurvedic professionals carefully curates the most conscious & meaningful educational experience for our students through conscious connection and authenticity.

Conscious Global Community Network

At YVI we are more than a school.  We are a global network of likeminded Ayurvedic enthusiasts  from around the globe who come together to learn, grow, and share in our passion for Ayurvedic healing.

Expert Instructors in our Live Virtual Classroom

Decades of passion and experience are hallmarks of each member of our carefully selected faculty.  We connect experts to students in our live & interactive virtual classroom for a personal educational experience.

Lifetime Career Support & Guidance

A career in Ayurvedic Medicine is as unique as you are.  Just like everything in Ayurveda - your unique Dharma (calling) is no different.  All students receive lifetime career support & guidance to help you pave a unique path.

Study from Anywhere at Anytime

Take as many or as few classes as you like each trimester.  Watch live, or savor the recorded lessons later.  At Yoga Veda Institute you can study at your own pace, in your own time, no matter where your life takes you.  We are here.

Affordable Tuition & Flexible Payment Options

Accessible Ayurvedic Education is our #1 purpose.  Where other schools place roadblocks - we build bridges.  We offer the most affordable tuition in the nation, with additional flexible payment options and a robust Scholarship Initiative.  

At Our Core - We're All About Connection

Connection lies at the core of our mission, shaping every aspect of our journey together. To discover if Yoga Veda Institute resonates with your Ayurvedic aspirations, we invite you to connect directly with our program director.