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Welcome to Q2 (Module 2) of Classical Sanskrit!  This masterclass meets on the last Wednesday of every academic calendar month @ 10:30 am – 12:30 pm EST (excluding school holidays).  Please see the dates below:

  • January 25th
  • February 15th
  • March 29th


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Below are the Zoom link / meeting ID + password will be posted before the first day of class. Please do not rely on login onto the course dashboard before each class to access the link.

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Meeting ID: 891 8087 9827
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Requirements to pass the course:

  • Pass the open note, multiple choice, final exam at the end of each (4) terms with a 70% or higher.

If you enrolled before January 1st, 2022, AND you are on track to graduate by the end of the Fall term, 2023, book a call with your student adviser to discuss how to complete this module on time. Only book a call if you meet both of these criteria.

Student conduct and expectations:

Above and beyond all subject matter in this program, this is a lifestyle dedicated to mindful, conscious and compassionate living. We expect these primary principles to be applied to all aspects of students learning experience inside and outside of the classroom.

Due to the nature of the subject of this course and to the high regard we put on living with integrity, honesty, truthfulness and compassion Yoga Veda Institute expects students to understand and maintain high standards of academic integrity. Breaches of academic integrity are subject to review by the Admin Board and may be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including requirement to withdraw from the School and suspension of registration privileges or revocation of certification.

Students are expected to conduct themselves responsibly, honestly, and with due consideration for others while enrolled at Yoga Veda Institute as well as in all of their interactions and communications with members of the Yoga Veda community.  

Students are expected to take personal responsibility for their own assignment submissions and tracking, knowing class dates and times of class, understanding their personal track program, requesting curriculum updates as needed.  Yoga Veda Institute expects students to be active and engaged participants. Students registered in a course must attend all classes and participate online, take all exams, and complete all coursework on time.

Students are expected to treat web-conference class meetings as if attending class on campus, which includes behaving professionally, treating others with courtesy and respect, refraining from using profanity or socially offensive language, wearing appropriate clothing, and avoiding inappropriate surroundings.  

Students are required to have and use a camera and microphone when attending web-conference class meetings unless otherwise specified by the instructor or if the student has been excused by the school.  

Students may not join a class while driving or riding in a car. Students are expected to join from a suitable, quiet location, with a device that permits full participation in the class activities. Many courses include activities that cannot adequately be performed on a mobile device.

Classes are recorded and posted within 48 hours and may be used by Yoga Veda Institute for viewing by other people.

Q1 Recordings

Q1, Lesson 1

Introduction to Sanskrit Pronunciation and Classification of Sounds, Ganesha Gayatri Mantra

Lesson Recording:


Lesson Downloads:


Q1, Lesson 2

Sanskrit and Chanting I.1 and I.2 of the Yoga Sutras, Introduction to cases in Sanskrit

Lesson Recording:



Q1, Lesson 3

Sanskrit and Chanting Va. Su. 1.2-3 (Lineage of Ayurveda), Ca. Su. 1.41 (The Scope of Ayurveda), Ca. Su. I.42 (Definition of Life), Ca. Su. 1.15 (Four Aims of Life & Health), and Va. Su. 1.11 (Qualities of the Doshas)

Lesson Recording:


Final Exam:

Students must have passed the Q1 Final Exam with a 70% or higher by 11:59pm EST, December 9, 2022.  Students who failed to do so may retake Q1 (Module 1) when it is offered again.

Q2, Lesson 1

Lesson Recording:


Lesson Downloads:


Q2, Lesson 2

Lesson Downloads:



Lesson Recording:

Q2, Lesson 3

The lesson recording will be posted along with any additional material within 48 hours of the live lesson.  Please review the course calednar for class dates.

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