Who Am I?

Sep 6, 2016 | Uncategorized

Roar like a Lion, don’t bleat like Sheep

Once a baby lion was born in the forest and left behind by his parents. A flock of sheep rescued him and raised him as their own. The lion learned how to select edible plants to eat, how to communicate with the others, and even how to escape from danger like the rest of the sheep.

They all started running away for their life as well as the sheep lion. The lion was perplexed when she saw a lion running along with the sheep so she caught with the sheep lion and asked, “Why are you running away?”

“Bleat, bleat, bleat, I am afraid you will eat me,” answered the sheep lion.

The lion could not stop laughing and was even more confused. So she asked, “Why are you talking like sheep and acting like sheep?”

“I am a sheep,” bleated again the sheep lion.

“Come with me I shall show you who you are,” the mom lion requested. She took the sheep lion to a lake and said to the sheep lion, “Look at yourself in the lake and tell me who you are.”

The sheep lion was hesitated to look at the lake but eventually he did. He saw himself just like the lion standing next to him and he awakened. So he roared in the air, “I am a lion!” and went as a lion into the forest.

Who are we, truly, father, mother, son, daughter, teacher, husband, wife, politician, or employee? We have conditioned to be a role and combination of roles we play as a reflection of the society, culture, race, politics, and environment where shape who we are. We have lived in this paradigm for centuries and only a few of us have recognized who we truly are without the veils of the conditioned mind. So we keep looking for something else in life but life seems to have failed us every time.

So who we are is who we discover when we lift the veil of conditioned mind and samaskara.  We experience the essence of our existence. We all experience a glimmer or of pure joy, love, and contentment in our life when the mind, body, and the world are in complete stillness. There is no thoughts, no mind, no likes or dislikes, no story, but just being, being here and now.

How can we get to that state and how can we lift all the veils in our lives to reveal our true selves? It is not an easy process to reach our destiny but it is a joyful journey to experience it.

Yoga Vasistha

What is inquiry? To inquire thus: “Who am I?” is true inquiry.

Knowledge of truth arises from such inquiry; from such knowledge there follows tranquility in oneself; and then there arises the supreme peace that passeth understanding, and the ending of all sorrow. Vicara, or inquiry, is neither reasoning nor analysis: it is directly looking into oneself.

At the core of this text the author suggests that self-inquiry is the essential practice to purify the mind. Then, in this pure state of meditation we know that our innermost identity is Universal Consciousness that manifests in our life as the sweetness of peace and bliss.

  • Learn to let go of mind-made emotion, stress, anxiety, and duality of world. You know they are not your true self.
  • Learn to love others and enjoy others just like yourself.
  • Learn to experience the true self through of the stillness deriving from meditation, asana, saddaha practice.
  • Use meditation method of “Who Am I” to peel each layer of veils. For example, when a thought about your job comes to your mind, you simply answer yourself, I am not employee, I am not employee, then ask yourself again “Who I am?” and continue to meditate and self-inquiry.

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is not about dogmatic rituals that we have to perform or the specific ways that we have to live. It is about the connection to our inner teacher, a teacher who speaks the truth to us when our mind is quiet, and there is no interference of learned knowledge or philosophy. It is about our connection to the essences of our universe, water, air, fire, earth, and ether. These elements are who we are, where we came from not long ago, and where we will return in the very near future.

Spiritual healing is about our connection to our spiritual beings, beyond our physical temporary existence in this universe. It is about the connection to the cycle of the universe and the cycle of our human race. Those cycles are the same; the difference in time and space are only created in the human mind.