What’s Your Ayurvedic Body Type?

Jan 12, 2016 | Uncategorized

Ayurveda describes our connection, our very unique and one of a kind relationship that exists between Us & the universe.

Ayurveda offers a roadmap of the universes signposts on the road to perfect balance & harmony.  

The Universe’s perfect signposts are the 5 elements found in everything throughout the universe.  By building a connection and beginning to recognize these signposts – you’re on your way to being able to use the beautiful teachings of Ayurveda in your daily life, with your family and to share with your students as well.

The universe’s Signposts are Ether or Space – Air – Fire – Water & Earth.

These 5 Elements are found throughout our bodies, our foods, our environment, and indeed throughout the entire universe in varying degrees.  By beginning to understand these 5 elements from a new perspective, we can begin to understand the most basic principles taught in Ayurvedic Medicine.  

One term you’ve probably heard, is Dosha.  Dosha is simply a concept, a way that the ancients used to describe these 5 elements or more accurately, a specific combination of two predominant elements.  

For ease & simplicity, let’s not worry about the doshas for now, but rather, let’s examine each of the elements in detail, of its own accord.

Each of the 5 elements can be viewed as signposts to balance, remember that.  By recognizing the qualities of each of the elements – we can begin to understand how these qualities show up in our diets, in our yoga practices, in our meditation practice, in our relationships, and everywhere in our daily lives.  

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