A Step-by-Step Morning Routine for Sattvic Living

Sep 3, 2017 | Uncategorized

How to work towards a Sattvic mind

Author: Heather Leigh Nelson

Everyone and everything is comprised of three Gunas. Tamas is a state of darkness and chaos. Rajas is a state of passion and activity. Sattva is a state of harmony and peace.

It should be clear that increasing Sattva is of vital importance. Through Sattvic living, we increase peace and harmony and bring balance to our health and wellness.

Sattvic Living

Sattvic living begins with a morning routine designed to increase Sattva. By starting each day with the routine outlined below, you will bring harmony, peace, and clarity to your life and mind.

Wake up with Nature

Rise with the sun and appreciate the first sounds of the day like birds chirping in the trees. Thank God for this new day and ask for His blessings to be placed upon everyone you love.


Cleanse the space you live in with three inhalations of God’s peace and love, and three exhalations of any anxiety and anger.

Stretch Your Body

Wake up your body with some side-to-side twists. Get out of bed slowly and then stretch your arms above your head. As you do so, welcome the day and thank God once more for whatever lies ahead.

Wash Your Face

It’s said that cleanliness is next to Godliness, so wash your face with cold water, paying close attention to your eyes.


Stimulate your gastrointestinal tract by drinking a glass of room temperature water. Go to the toilet and then wash your hands.

Brush Your Teeth

Rinse your mouth with cool water and then brush your teeth. Remove excess ama using a metal tongue scraper. Then gargle and swish with oil.

Massage Your Body

Massage warm oil into your whole body to improve your circulation and keep your mind calm.

Wash Your Body

Cleanse your body and wash away any tiredness by showering or bathing.

Be with Nature

Spend some time in nature, by going for a walk or a swim.

Perform Asanas

Do some sun salutations, standing poses, supine poses, and seated poses. End your practice with savasana, meditation, and pranayama (nadi shodhana or sitali breath).


The ideal time for breakfast to achieve optimal digestion is between 7.30 and 8.00am. Eat fresh, seasonal, and homemade foods such as ripe vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, legumes, and whole grains.

Additional Practices for Sattvic Living

By following this morning routine every day, you will move much closer to a state of Sattva – towards health, wellness, balance, and joy.

Once you have adopted this routine, you can incorporate additional practices into your morning – prayer, chanting, mantras, singing, mindful eating, or charity.

Begin with this routine and once it has become a habit for you, look for additional ways to move towards sattvic living.