Inside The Sacred Breath

Oct 28, 2015 | Blog

Sacred Breathing is a synonym for the breathing process know as Rebirthing or Conscious Connected Breathing.  It also incorporates several other breathing modalities as appropriate for each individual client, taking into account, age, health and individual needs.  However, it is the technique of Conscious Connected Breathing that underlies this work.

Rebirthing is based on the work of Leonard Orr. While experimenting with different breathing techniques he noticed that he would often have what he described as birth memories.

He went on to realize that he could heal the traumatic experience of the birth with a re-experiencing of the feelings involved.  Thus the name, Rebirthing was born. In Sacred Breathing we feel that these and other suppressed negative emotions can be healed regardless of when they originally occurred. Many people are not aware of birth memories during sessions. A good breathing coach can usually read between the lines and realize correlations between what is troubling someone now and how their birth script may be at the root. It makes no difference in the healing that takes place. All healing happens in the NOW.

The Science of Breath has been aware of the amazing benefits and wonders that the simplicity of breathing can accomplish. Spiritual masters of the East have practiced intricate breathing techniques for thousands of years.  They have taken this inherent ability and intuitively enhanced its function, way beyond what we in the West call ‘breathing”.  The process of Sacred Breathing combines the Eastern knowledge of ‘prana’ or life force breathing with the Western desire for faster transformation and psychological ‘rebirth’.

On the Physical level, by consciously connecting the inhale with the exhale while in a relaxed state you oxygenate your body.  You learn to breathe freely and fully, letting go of old inhibited patterns of breathing.  You use a full inhale, and a completely relaxed exhale. There is never any hyperventilation. At our birth, our first breath was taken in a state of of panic and fear.  We have been sub-ventilating ever since.  When we feel undesirable emotions, we stuff the feeling by holding our breath.  The suppressed material is blocked energy, which over time accumulates and can cause disease, emotional imbalance and premature aging.  In Sacred Breathing, this accumulated material is ‘breathed’ out over a period of sessions, in a safe and controlled environment.  There is no trauma, only a sensible cleansing of the physical and emotion bodies within your time frame.  Did thou know 70% of toxins are released through the breath”

What happens if you are not using this natural process properly?

Emotionally you open the way to a deep sense of well being brought about by the release of tension and unconscious negative thoughts.  Suppressed material can be gently and subtly brought to the surface, to be felt and surrendered as no longer your reality.  These ‘blocks’ to  wellness are experienced and dissolved within your desire to ‘let go’.  The process is always within the control of a deep intuitive part of yourself. Your ‘coach’ has fully experienced this process and is a reflection of the safety and power inherent in the breath.  A good Sacred Breath Therapist guides your breathing, encourages you, and basically sits lovingly at your side.  They have experienced it all, so you feel free to enjoy and experience the newness of the moment in their presence. Conscious connected breathing is a  transpersonal psychological approach to ‘feeling’  troubling thoughts, realizing the results they have created in your life and neutralizing them.

Spiritually, Sacred Breathing opens channels of energy which seem to remind us of our unity, or oneness with all things and a spiritual ‘acceptance’ which leaves us in bliss. People naturally have different experiences, which may take the form of visualizations, past or parallel life memories, amazing physical feelings of joy and love, and a unique sense of peace.  These sensations have a lasting effect, often a life changing effect.

After completing several sessions, Sacred Breathing can be done on your own as often as you like.

Logistically, the process begins with a strong personal desire to explore the breath as a means of healing or spiritual evolution.  Sacred Breathing is for any age, from 8 to forever.  A free Introduction to Sacred Breathing is a useful seminar.  The number of sessions and the duration between sessions depends mainly on the individual’s needs. Usually 5 to 10 sessions are required to familiarize the client with the breathing technique.   Many people are familiar with breath work and only require a supportive breathe once and a while.  Others are new to the process and require more structure and on going support.

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