The Concept of Agni in Ayurveda

Aug 25, 2017 | Ayurvedic Nutrition

An invitation to heal your agni imbalance

Agni literally means fire and refers to the force that’s present in every cell of our bodies. It determines which substances may pass into our cells and which must leave them as waste. It’s therefore responsible for many bodily functions, most notably digestion.

The concept of agni in Ayurveda is extremely important. Good health and balanced agni go hand in hand. Of course, that means impaired agni goes hand in hand with poor health and disease.

Sama agni

If you have balanced or sama agni, your digestion is healthy. You can digest a good amount of food with no trouble, no matter the weather or season. You’re blessed with good health, happiness, and a clear state of mind.

Unbalanced agni

Unfortunately, sama agni is rare, particularly in today’s world of fast and highly-processed food. It’s more likely that you have another kind of agni – impaired agni. If that’s the case, you may experience low energy levels, indigestion, congestion, or poor mental health.

An invitation to heal your agni imbalance

If you believe you have an agni imbalance, you may be feeling disheartened. But you’re not stuck with your agni imbalance; it’s something you can improve. See your agni imbalance as an invitation to heal your body.

Learn about the main types of agni and identify the forces that have disturbed your own agni. Once you know which issues are at the root of the imbalance, you can address them and move towards a sama state of agni.