Andy is one of the founding directors of Yoga Veda Institute.  He was born in Venezuela and has always had a strong interest for two things, traveling and understanding the meaning of life.  Luckily for him they are both on the same educational path.  Andy believes that by observing life we can learn the true meaning of our existence.

Andy first discovered the Yogi tradition when at the age of 18 he began taking classes in Venezuela.  It took him many years of practice to finally jump in and commit to yoga and the life style that it has to offer.

After practicing for some time, Andy decided to begin his studies in India and Thailand learning the concepts of deep Yoga philosophy.  He also deepened his knowledge studying Buddhism, acupressure and was certified in the healing practice of Reiki. Andy continues to deepen his practice and believes that you never stop learning.

Andy’s deep understanding of the inner workings of the human mind and behavior help him to guide you into a journey of self-healing. He believes deeply in the philosophy of Yoga and its real meaning.  It is through this he understands that no matter how we call it we all do some form of Yoga in different ways and amounts even if we never step a foot on a yoga mat.

Andy’s goal is to share this knowledge with you not only through asana but to give you the tools to understand the true meaning of what it means to be a yogi.  Because the practice of Yoga can be called many names depending on your culture and beliefs, but in the end, everyone has the same goal.  To unite with the energy of creation.