Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy emphasizes the individual in developing a protocol that can be used on its own or at the beginning or end of a longer asana practice from any tradition. With an emphasis on engaging with Patanjali’s yamas and niyamas to promote harmony in relationship with self and others. Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy holds the potential to bring radical transformation and mutation of body, mind and consciousness.


  • Lesson 1 :: Orientation, Introduction & Background
  • Lesson 2 :: Overview of Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy
  • Lesson 3 :: Exploring Yoga Dharma & Vedic Knowledge
  • Lesson 4 :: Exploring Spiritual & Cosmological Backdrop of Yoga & Ayurveda
  • Lesson 5 :: Exploring the Three Gunas and the Physical & Psychological Qualities
  • Lesson 6 :: Ayurvedic Application of Asana
  • Lesson 7 :: Ayurvedic Application of Asana :: Sattva Guna
  • Lesson 8 :: Ayurvedic Application of Asana :: Structure and Dosha
  • Lesson 9 :: Ayurvedic Application of Asana :: Energetics of Asana
  • Lesson 10:: Ayurvedic Application of Asana :: Sequencing to the Individual
How You'll Learn
  1. 10 weekly lessons of Comprehensive Content
  2. Weekly live “Tea Time” Q&A classes via live web conference
  3. Exclusive Online Members Only Site
  4. Weekly Audio Lectures & Presentation Slides
  5. Class Transcripts
  6. PDF Resources, Lecture Notes & Bonus Resources
  7. Workbook PDF Download
  8. Weekly Discussions inside our Private Online Community
  9. A Supportive Community of other Ayur-Yoga Teachers from around the world to provide support – network – connect – and share your experience.
  10. Ongoing Support – Guidance – Career Support – Opportunities and Much More!
Course Instructor
This course is taught by Yoga Veda’s founder, Jacky Rae.  Jacky guides Yoga Veda’s students on a personal journey of transformation through the timeless teachings in our Yoga Teacher Training Courses, Self Healing Retreats, and personal life coaching.

Read Jacky Rae’s full bio here.



  • Students will receive a Certificate of Completion from Yoga Veda Institute.
Tuition & Fees

How it works: Yoga Veda was founded with this mission in mind: to create an affordable way for any motivated student to study Ayurvedic Medicine. We stay true to this mission today, offering for credit courses at reasonable rates and non-credit courses on a sliding tuition scale.  Due to the nature of the subject of this course and to the high regard we put on living with integrity, honesty, truthfulness, and compassion we have been successful in adopting a sliding scale tuition based on the honor system for all of our non-credit courses. 


Your generous contribution makes Ayurvedic education available to others who need it most.  Please keep this in mind when choosing your tuition (sliding scale) option below.

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For-credit courses may be applied towards an Advanced Certificate; Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist.

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Each 108 – hour  for credit course must be completed within a 12-week period.  Each course includes 40 hours of live webinar, 24 hours of recorded supplemental instruction, 22 Hours of Self Study and 22 Hours of client sessions.   

No Hassle Refunds

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Introduction to Ayurveda

Wed April 4th 10:00am – 11:30am Eastern

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Ayurvedic Daily Routine

Wed April 18th 10:00am – 11:30am Eastern

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The Ayurvedic Diet and Me

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Ayurvedic Mind Balance

Wednesday, May 16  10:00am – 11:30am Eastern

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