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Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Diploma

The Āyurvedic Yoga Teacher is a professional with additional training in lifestyle management and Ayurvedic nutritional therapy beyond that of the typical yoga teacher.  These professionals also practice preventive healthcare and health promotion, using dietary and lifestyle therapies according to Ayurvedic principles.

This comprehensive diploma offers much more than a Yoga Teacher Training Certificate.  Experience the difference an internationally recognized diploma in Ayurvedic Yoga Teaching can make in your Yoga Teaching career with Yoga Veda Institute.


Donation Based Seva Program

Yoga Veda Institute is a Karma Service Centered school dedicated to promoting conscious living through our various offerings.  We are proud to bring this donation based course to our global community, regardless of financial ability.

Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning selfless service, and perhaps considered the most important part of any spiritual practice. It lies at the heart of the path of karma yoga—selfless action—and asks us to serve others with no expectation of outcome.  Anyone is invited to join this training program.  This program is fully self supporting, and we count on the generous donations of our students to be able to offer this program on a donation basis.  Our course – taught by expert faculty – is the only training of its kind that brings students beyond asana and prepares them to teach subjects such as philosophy, the psychology of yoga, meditation and pranayama as well as yoga nidra and prenatal yoga.  It doesn’t matter if you are a lifelong learner or just beginning your journey, we are sure you will find this program a transformational experience. 


There are three components to the Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher diploma:

  1. Intensive Courses
  2. Live Classes
  3. Final Assessment

1. Intensive Courses

Roughly each month, students gain access to a new intensive course.  These courses are released one by one over the diploma year.  Please see the Intensive Course Curriculum below. Students must complete all 8 Intensive Courses before recieving their certificate of completion. 

2. Live Classes

Included in the Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher diploma are weekly 2-hour lessons delivered over Zoom.  Students have the unique opportunity to meet with their teachers via live webinar to learn in a supportive enviornment where they are encouraged to ask questions.  There are 40 weekly workshops divided into 4 quarters.  Please see the Live Class Curriculum below.  If a student is unable to attend the live class, they are expected to watch the recording which is posted withing 24 hours of the live class.

3. Final Assessment

After a student has completed all of the intensive courses and live classes, students must film themselves teaching a {private or group} class and submit it for Yoga Veda Institute’s review. 

The Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Diploma is an ongoing program and therefore you may begin at any time.  Upon innitial enrollement, you’ll gain access to the current Intensive Course and the Live Classes for that quarter.  The student’s diploma year begins from their initial date of enrollment and ends 12 months later. 


The Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Diploma is a comprehensive 12 month // 450 Hour {virtual} course that includes (8) courses offered as a mix of on demand and live intensive classes.

  • Yoga Philosophy, 20 hours of prerecorded webinar
  • Meditation, 12.5 hours of prerecorded webinar
  • Applications of Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, 4 hours of prerecorded video
  • Ayurvedic Nutrition, 9 hours of prerecorded video
  • Pranayama, 10 hours of prerecorded webinar
  • Yoga Anatomy, 12 hours of live webinar
  • Applications of the Yoga Sutras, 6 hours of live webinar
  • Yoga Nidra, 4 hours of live webinar

In addition to the subject courses – students engage in a weekly virtual live classroom & support group. This class is ongoing and meets weekly for the duration of the program (excluding scheduled school breaks and holidays).

What is Yoga? Yoga means a union of the mind, body, and spirit with the Divine and while this refers to a certain state of consciousness both individual and Universal, it is also a method to help one reach that goal.

We teach a traditional, exact and easy-to-learn system that aims at naturally achieving the goal through creating a healthy body and mind that leads to spiritual involvement.

Based on the teachings of Swami Sivananda, Swami Vishnudevananda summarized the yoga philosophy in 5 principles or the Five Points of Yoga which make the complex teachings of yoga easier to understand:



  1. Proper Exercise (Asanas) – Yoga poses help develop a strong, healthy body by enhancing flexibility and improving circulation.
  2. Proper Breathing (Pranayama) – Deep, conscious breathing reduces stress and many diseases.
  3. Proper Relaxation – Helps keep the body from going into overload mode, easing worry and fatigue.
  4. Proper Diet – Eating simple, healthy and vegetarian foods that are easy to digest notably have a positive effect on the mind and body, as well as the environment and other living beings.
  5. Positive Thinking (Vedanta) and Meditation (Dhyana) – These are the true keys to achieving peace of mind and eliminating negativity in our lives.

Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics::

  • History of Yoga
  • Twin Sciences
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika: Shat Kriyas & More
  • Tantra & Schools of Yoga
  • Vedic Story
  • Sanskrit
  • Mantra
  • Self-inquiry
  • Yoga in Daily Life
  • Ethics, Inclusivity, Spiritual Bypassing, & Gaslighting  
  • Dynacharia

Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology::

  • Ayurvedic Anatomy
  • Chakras
  • Vayus
  • Panchamaya Kosha
  • Mudra & Bandha

Techniques, Training & Practice::

  • Three Stages of Ever Asana
  • Seat of the Teacher
  • Sequencing
  • The Sivananda Yoga Practice
  • Asana Clinic
  • Bhakti & Bhajans
  • Meditation Instruction for Teachers
  • Teaching Online
  • Using Props 
  • Cuing Theory
  • Art of Adjustments
  • Prenatal Variations
  • Addressing Injuries
  • Business of Teaching Yoga
  • Teaching Private Yoga
  • Teaching Workshops

We teach a traditional, exact and easy-to-learn system that aims at naturally achieving the goal through creating a healthy body and mind that leads to spiritual evolvement.Based on the teachings of Swami Sivananda, Swami Vishnudevananda summarized the yoga philosophy in 5 principles or the Five Points of Yoga which make the complex teachings of yoga easier to understand:

Swami Sivananda (1887 – 1963)

The spiritual strength of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers, Swami Sivananda taught a synthesis of all the formal doctrines of Yoga. Author of more than three hundred books on Yoga and health, Swami Sivananda was a medical doctor before renouncing worldly life for the spiritual path. The essence of his teaching:: serve, love, give, purify, meditate, realize.

Swami Vishnudevananda (1927 – 1993)

Sent to the West in 1957 by his Master Swami Sivananda to spread the teachings of Yoga and Vedanta, Swami Vishnudevananda remains a world authority on Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga. Founder of the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers, he worked tirelessly to spread his visionary message of world peace. He authored the bestsellers The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga and Meditation and Mantras.


This comprehensive course is taught by our entire Yoga Veda faculty as well as guest teachers.  View our team here>>>


There are no prerequisites for this 450-hour yoga diploma program.  Beginners to yoga and Ayurveda are not only welcome but encouraged to join.


Selfless Service through Karma Yoga is an important part of our teachings and our program.  This program was created with the intention of empowering YOU to Pay It Forward.

How it works: We keep our tuition prices to a minimum and in exchange, each of our students commits to volunteering 100 Hours of karma service in their community to “Pay it Forward”.  We recommend you commit to donating your time to free community yoga classes or Ayurvedic Yoga Consultations post/during training to get some practice in AND make the world a better place.


By Donation // This SEVA program is brought to you as a part of our own commitment to make quality yoga & Ayurveda teachings accessible regardless of financial ability.  This is by no means a “free” program.  We encourage students to enroll in exchange for a monthly pledge contribution as well as your time commitment to the program and your love offering through a karma yoga commitment.   

When you enroll in this program you commit to the following (3) requirements; 

1. You agree to participate fully in the program, submit homework assignments and attend the live lessons. 

2. You agree to commit to your own “pay it forward” karma service commitment of 100 hours in your community.

3. You pledge a monthly donation of your choosing for the time you are enrolled.  Some students find it challenging to determine an acceptable donation amount.  We recommend that you choose to donate what feels right to you based on your own financial circumstances and the value that you put on your education.  For your reference, the tuition for the full 12 month course is $1997 and each Intensive course is $297 outside of the SEVA program.  We recommend that you ask yourself what contribution would make this program and/or course accessible to you and allow that to guide your decision making process.  Our typical median donation is between $50 – $150 per month for the time of study though some students choose to donate much more or much less depending on their unique financial circumstances.  When you set up your monthly contribution, you may of course cancel at any time.  

Set up your monthly pledge contribution and get started today>>>

Our intention is to make this program accessible to as many aspirants as possible.  We can only do that through your generous donations. 


Pay in Full // Some students prefer to pay full tuition rather than commit to the SEVA program. 

Regular tuition is $1997 usd for the full 12 month program or $297 usd for each intensive course.

Who is this program for?

This online yoga teacher training program is for yoga students looking to deepen their practice, as well as those of you who are looking to teach yoga as a professional yoga instructor.

Do I have to be a certain level of yoga?

Being a good yoga instructor has nothing to do with being able to do fancy, complex inversions or arm balances.  This is a year long comitment to conscious living.  Join us!

What type of content will you learn in this program?

The curriculum includes content for both the philosophical and physical practice of yoga. This will include an in-depth study of the teachings of ancient yoga traditions, pranayama, meditation, yoga asanas, and professional development. The curriculum is designed to improve your personal yoga practice as well as your teaching abilities, giving you a truly life-changing experience through this program.

How long does the training last?

Three terms (12 months) from start to finish.

What will the schedule look like?

The exact week-by-week schedule will be sent out prior to the terms start date, but you can expect each week to have been 8 – 10 hours of teacher training commitments:

  • 2 hours of video or audio lecture content assignments
  • 2 hour live web-conference class call (attendance required)
  • Required reading & practice assignments
Is it all online?

Yes, unless you chose to separately study in-person, everything is online via pre-recorded material and live, group video chat discussions. Unlike the majority on online teacher trainings you may explore, this is a high-touch, deeply interactive experience in which you are live with dedicated instructors and fellow students for 2+ hours each week.

What system/other requirements are needed to participate?
  • A webcam or smartphone with a camera
  • A decent internet connection
  • Proficiency in English, as all instruction and the final exam is given in English.
Can I complete the program on my iPad or other mobile devices?

Yes, you can use your iPad or other mobile devices to complete this the training.

How to do I complete my final practicum? What do I need to do in order to graduate?

To graduate from the 450-Hour program you must: (1) Pass the online multiple choice exam at the end of each intensive course (2) Complete a final teaching practicum by sending in a 20-min video of you teaching. Don’t worry if you’ve never filmed a yoga video before. We’ll guide and walk you through how to film your practicum, step-by-step.

Is this YTT Yoga Alliance approved?

If you already have a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification, modules in this online training count toward your YA Continuing Education. This online training covers and far exceeds Yoga Alliance’s requirements in terms of material covered and hours of study, however, Yoga Alliance is still struggling with the online world, so defines “contact hours” to be in-person, as opposed to over webcam or distance learning.

If you feel the need to pay to register with Yoga Alliance, you must attend one of our recommended 200 hour yoga teacher training courses.

Keep in mind, Yoga Alliance is a private, nonprofit entity that is optional for teachers to pay to join. Yoga Alliance is not sanctioned by any local, state, or federal government. Paying Yoga Alliance to be listed in their directory is not a requirement to get insurance or be legally protected while teaching yoga.

Unsure or undecided about Yoga Alliance?

We encourage you to do your own research on Yoga Alliance. Unlike professional accreditation organizations in other fields, YA openly adheres to a “social credentialing” model, meaning they do not actively ensure or check the quality of the studios or teachers they list. Members simply self-report their adherence to YA standards by little-scrutinized surveys and document submissions, and, of course, pay yearly fees. You can read about the controversy:

  1. Why You Don’t Need a Certificate from the Yoga Alliance
  2. Yoga Alliance Registration…Is it worth it?
  3. Yoga Alliance Approved, My Ass
Can I teach with this yoga teacher certification?

Yes, you can teach privates, corporates, yoga studios, and obtain insurance (module on how to secure your insurance is included in the training). If you need a letter of recommendation from our school for a particular teaching job, this can be provided.

Visual vs didactic learners – is the online yoga instructor program for both learning types?

The training is a mixture of video, audio, reading, writing and live group participation, catering to a wide variety of learning styles. Most importantly, you’ll be getting personal feedback and attention. Together, we’ll ensure you succeed.

Is it a self-paced type online training or is it more scheduled?

As a group, we’ll be moving through a set schedule in which we cover material week-by-week. If you fall behind, you can still graduate as long as you complete all the requirements within 18 months of your start date and attend the live calls. This is not your typical “self-study” online course in which you have no interaction or oversight. This program is HIGHLY interactive and designed to foster a sense of community among participants, with lots of direct access to your teachers.


Yoga Veda Institute is listed as a private, post-secondary religious institution with the Florida Department of Education and “meets the requirements found in Section 1005.06(1)(f), Florida Statutes and Rule 6E-5.001, Florida Administrative Code and is not under the jurisdiction or purview of the Commission for Independent Education and is not required to obtain licensure.”

Yoga Veda Institute offers students educational programs in the areas of Ayurveda and Yoga that prepare students for vocations such as minister of yoga (Siromani of Yoga), Ayurvedic counselors or professionals (Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Ayurvedic Practitioner), Vedic educators (Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist) or otherwise as Ayurvedic social workers in a related field.   

Yoga Veda Institute is a supporting member school of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Yoga Veda Institute is a supporting member school of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association and our program has been reviewed and is recognized as providing training at the professional membership level of Ayurvedic Practitioner.


Get started today.  When you register for the program you’ll get access to our Foundations module (on demand) right away (please allow up to 48 hours to process your enrollment). You’ll also start the live classes right away.  The classes are topic specific and you may begin at any time as you complete the full program.  

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“The teachers are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of yoga and Ayurveda and lead by example. They provided us with a wealth of information which was delivered at a pace which was easy to digest and offered an abundance of optional continued recommended reading/education. They encouraged us to never stop learning and were very humble. Their experience is apparent and their teaching style is relaxed, yet thorough. They made plenty of time for each and every one of us on an individual basis providing support, answering questions and offering feedback. I have nothing but praise and respect for the work they do. It changed my life and for that I can’t thank them enough.”

Clair (Ireland)

“I really enjoyed the training at Yoga Veda School. The teachers are awesome and know how to train new students in an efficient way. They make me feel so comfy during my stay. They took always the time to answer all our questions and if it was necessary they explained it again and again. They taught us patient and self-confidence. I loved the mix between practice Yoga and in that way we learned teaching in the end. Amazing. Also after the training Yoga Veda School will support you always and stays in touch with you. That is really nice. Jacky still answer all my questions and support me from a distance. I am super grateful that i found that school and that i met these amazing teachers! THANK YOU!”

Laura (Germany)

“Yoga Veda’s intention in the Teacher Training Course is very clear, staying loyal to the traditions of yoga. Understanding the benefits of yoga from a holistic viewpoint and balancing the mind and body. If your focus is purely on learning how to teach a dynamic powerful asana class this isn’t the course for you, if you want to learn how to use yoga to create a happier lifestyle and be able to share this knowledge with others than this is the right place.  They are truly passionate about creating good yoga teachers and making sure the practice is understood as it was intended, going above and beyond to provide support to all of their students on their journey to becoming teachers.”

Rochelle (UK)

“The course was special because it was holistic.  Sharing and giving the students the tools to not just deliver asana or be an asana teacher but to be supported and understanding what yoga is, spiritually and also the science which supports it.  Overall, my experience was absolutely soulful, uplifting and nurturing.  The knowledge and love shared by the teachers is evident in all they do.  If looking for an integrated curriculum than this is the right fit.” 

Candace (Alberta)

“The program incorporating Ayurveda has been a fulfilling, intensive time; delving deep, physically and emotionally.  The Ayurveda has been truly wonderful, really inspires me and is assisting me in changing and cleaning my daily habits, diet and practices.  I feel truly inspired.”

Natasha (England)