Sister Science Lesson 7 :: Exploring Ayurveda & Pranayama

      Lesson Objectives

Aligning your pranayama practice to seasonal changes requires only minor adjustments, but the overall effect can be significant. Explore skillful ways to harmonize your body and mind throughout the year. Befriend the doshas and breathe new life into your practice!

In this lesson we’ll explore the Ayurvedic qualities of your pranayama practice.  You will learn how to choose practices that are best suited to your unique needs and Ayurvedic composition.

  1. Listen to the Audio Lesson
  2. Complete the Pranayama & Ayurveda worksheet
  3. Complete the Journal Activity
  4. Complete the Challenge
  5. Share your insights in our Yoga Veda Community

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      Journal Activity



Short Essay:: Choose 2 – 3 Pranayama practices that you are familiar with and research the Ayurvedic effects of each.  Write a short description of the doshic benefits of practice.  Be sure to include how your view of each practice has changed based on their doshic components.

Share your insights, questions and comments inside the Yoga Veda Community.

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